ABS-CBN, naglabas ng post-ECQ guidelines para sa magbabalik-trabaho sa TV Production

by Jojo Gabinete
May 19, 2020
Mga teleserye ng ABS-CBN na magbabalik-taping, required na lock-in ang taping mula isa hanggang tatlong buwan. Inaasahan din silang makapag-produce ng at least one month worth of material.
PHOTO/S: Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News Online

Naglabas na ang ABS-CBN ng detalyadong post-ECQ guidelines para sa lahat ng mga nagtatrabaho sa TV Production.

Kalusugan at kaligtasan ng lahat laban sa COVID-19 ang kanilang top priority, kaya istrikto sila sa health condition ng bawat talent, staff, at crew bago sumabak sa trabaho.

Hindi puwedeng magtrabaho ang mga taong may high-risk conditions.

Hindi na required ang mga male artist na mag-make up.

Iiwasan na ang mga dining scene at paggamit ng food at drink props.

Ipatutupad din ang lock-in tapings sa lahat ng mga programa, para maiwasan ang makasagap ng virus sa daan.

Paiiralin din ng ABS-CBN TV Production ang 12-hour working hours kasama na ang breaktime.

Hinihikayat nila ang bawat isa na pairalin ang personal responsibility para magkaroon ng ligtas, malinis, at malusog na set.

FIT TO WORK clearance

Required ang ABS-CBN employees at talents na sila ay fit to work bago magbalik-trabaho pagkatapos ng enhanced community quarantine.

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Ang sinumang positibo sa COVID-19 o may kapamilya na dinapuan ng virus ay hindi puwedeng pumasok sa set.

Lahat ng mga high-risk conditions ay hindi papayagang magtrabaho.

Itinala rin ng ABS-CBN na hindi fit to work ang may sakit na auto-immune disease/condition, cancer (o sumasailalim sa chemo o radiation therapy), at iba pang chronic illness.

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Kung mayroong high-risk condition pero mayroong maintenance meds at stable ang kondisyon for the past three months, required ang regular doctor's clearance at spot checks.

Kabilang dito iyong mga may hypertension, diabetes, obesity (BMI 30+ - BMI target must drop to Below Obese in 6 months).

Gayundin ang may coronary heart disease/congestive heart conditions, asthma/ respiratory system/lung disease, at renal Disease

Sasailalim din sa rapid testing ang lahat ng kasali sa TV production bago sumalang sa kani-kanilang lock-in taping.

Narito ang iba pang guidelines ng ABS-CBN TV Production:


• Lock-in tapings for ALL shows to produce at least one (1) month worth of material:

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One (1) to three (3) months lock-in taping at exclusive locations for dramas.

Two (2) weeks lock-in taping at studio or location for daily studio programs.

One (1) week lock-in taping for once-a-week studio programs.

• Artists, staff, crew and contestants to be billeted in nearby exclusive hotels to ensure no exposure within the lock-in period.

• Strictly observe social distancing, respiratory etiquette, and frequent handwashing.

• Handshakes, kissing and hugging to greet one another is prohibited.

• Wear face mask at all times. Face masks, shields, and gloves will be issued by the company.

• Alcohol and sanitation products shall be accessible to all.

• No sharing of food. Bring and use own eating utensils and drinking containers.

• No sharing of personal work items.

• Strictly NO official or personal international and domestic travel for all artists, staff and crew engaged in current programs until further notice. Need to leave program if they insist on travelling.

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NO LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE, fixed number of people on the set

• No live audience for studio programs until further notice.

• No full live band set up for musical programs.

• Working hours shall be at a maximum of 12 hours (including mealtime) to allow for enough rest.

• Generator to be switched off on the 12th hour to ensure compliance.

• There should always be a minimum of 8 hours of rest prior to the next taping day.

• Artists, staff, and crew will NOT be allowed to segue between projects.

• Staff, crew, and third party supplied manpower including extras will be fixed per program.

• Cast members will be reduced.

• Prioritize scenes with minor or senior artists. Strictly observe prescribed DOLE working hours.

• Only lead artists will be allowed one (1) companion.

• Set dressing and lights to be pre-set in locked in locations.

• Minimum of one (1) month advanced script/s must be ready to maximize location.

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• Strictly NO location transfer per taping day.

• Zoning to be implemented to ensure that headcount does not exceed 50 pax on the hot set at any given time and max of 70 pax on location to lessen risk of exposure.

• Hot set should always be cordoned off to restrict crowding and contamination.

• Safety/Quarantine Officer to do thermal scanning, check headcount and report non- compliance to guidelines.

• Thermal scanning will be conducted twice in a day during taping.

• Daily disclosure of health condition is a must. A company prepared form shall be used for the disclosure.

• Conduct random rapid testing every 2 weeks.

• Limit actors per scene to a maximum of 5.


• No intimate physical interaction, intimacy to be achieved thru visual illusion.

• AD (assistant director) will be the only one allowed to interact with the actors on the hot set for instructions and directions.

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• Provide all Keys (AD, PD, DOP, TD) with script, breakdown and taping schedule withallotted time per sequence for everyone to adhere.

• Require artists and Keys to have tablets for online delivery of scripts or sequence guides.

• Actors must come to the set prepared with their lines. PAs will no longer read lines with actors.

• Dining scenes to be avoided.

• Food props and drinks to be avoided unless highly critical to the scene/story.

• Food and hand props, lapel mics/transmitters and special costumes will be properly labelled and placed in a designated sanitized table where actors can pick up and return.

• Only one person will be designated to order and receive supplies for the entire team.An area to be designated for deliveries and sanitation.


• Should any member of the team exhibit symptoms during lock-in taping, he/she will be isolated from the team and administered the Rapid Test immediately. Rapid Testing to be performed by our accredited medical practitioners.

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• If found to be positive: For Metro Manila locations: he/she will be brought to the hospital for RT-PCR testing.

The hospital doctor will either advise to send home for self-quarantine or be confined in the hospital. If the hospital doctor sends the person home for self- quarantine, he/she will stay at the Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo or any designated quarantine facility of the company.

There is a medical team assigned to monitor and care. This is to provide protection for the family while the worker is in quarantine.

For outside Metro Manila locations: he/she needs to be isolated separately in a room while waiting for transport to the nearest health facility.

All members of the production shall be brought to the identified hospital for RT-PCR testing. Should the hospital doctor order a 14 day self-quarantine, the team shall do their quarantine where they are billeted.

Production to shut down. Medical staff will monitor the team on a daily basis.

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• Everyone involved in the production must respect the right to privacy of each one on the set.

• After each taping lock-in period, everyone will be tested before going home and must wear masks and maintain a safe distance with family members while at home.


• Artists and extras are to come to tapings and live programs already made up. Make-up to be applied in respective rooms prior to going to the set. They must also remove make-up on their own.

• Male artists will not be required to wear make-up.

• Artists and extras are to bring their own cosmetic products, disposable applicators, and tools. Label make-up and hair brushes to avoid cross contamination.

• Make-up artist and hair stylist to ensure tools are sterilized prior taping and before and after use on every artist. Label those that are already sterilized.

• UV sterilizers for make-up and hair brushes to be sourced out and installed in every dressing room and make-up stations.

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• Make-up artists must wear face shields, masks, and gloves when applying make-up.


• Costumes or special wardrobe for artists are to be properly washed and ironed before and after every taping and packed neatly back into their storage boxes after use.

• Costumes to be stored in separate boxes, labeled, and sorted, and turned-over to the artist a day prior to live or taping.

• Artists to take charge of sanitizing their own costumes. LED UV Disinfection Lamps to be provided.

• Strictly NO on-the-spot costume requirements.

• Artists to provide their own regular wardrobe and basic inner garments in nude, black, and white colors.

• Styling team to wear face shields, masks, and surgical gloves at all times.

• Styling team should have their own sanitation products on hand for styling kits, tools and costume cases.

• Stylist to ensure clean water is used for steaming/ironing.

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• Stylist must avoid going to crowded areas when securing supplies, explore delivery options instead.


• Wear face shields, masks and surgical gloves when handling hand props.

• Art department should have their own sanitation products for tools, prop boxes, containers, and utensils.

• Food props should be cooked properly to avoid contamination.

• There should only be one (1) person handling food props. Must wear hairnet aside from face shield, mask and gloves and must wash hands thoroughly before and afterhandling of food props.

• Food props to be stored properly to avoid spoilage. Refrigerate if not for immediate use. Buy cooked food props from reputable restaurants.

• Sets and dressing must be disinfected before and after each use.


• Online auditions shall be the norm until further notice.

• No big auditions or cattle calls for all reality programs.

• Next level auditions when contestants face the judges shall follow these protocols:

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Program shall schedule contestants to ensure social distancing. Contestant call time to be plotted to factor in sanitation protocols. Rapid testing shall be done for all contestants prior to the taping.

Only companions of minors will be allowed inside the venue in an area observing social distancing as well.

Contestant should be sent home immediately after taping. No loitering around.


• Lease vacant residential and commercial spaces to be used as regular lock-in locations. Standby areas will have to be included in said spaces and exclusive hotel accommodation nearby.

• Provide alternative lodging for house occupants for duration of shoot for MUST USE established locations if inhabited.

• Explore remote locations (ex. Luxent ballroom for variety and residence for talk) to free up studios for teleserye shoots.

• Remote locations to be disinfected before and after use.

• Studios to be disinfected before and after live/taping.

• Install floor markings on rehearsal rooms as visual aids for social distancing.

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• Ensure that there is strong mobile phone signal for both Globe and Smart and steady internet connection in all lock-in locations and hotels.

• Locations/resorts/hotels must agree to our safety protocols.

• No taping in high-risk locations until further notice (i.e. hospitals, churches, plazas, public markets, squatter areas, airports/seaports/ terminals)

• Maximize the following locations for LOCK-IN TAPINGS:

ELJ Bldg Offices, Loop, 9501, empty floors converted into swing sets, Main Bldg and ELJ TV Studios, Bulacan sound stages and backlots Fairview warehouse, MDAFI in Antipolo.

Resorts outside Metro Manila, Big Foot Studios, in Mactan ELJ Senior HS in Kamuning

• Location Manager to check with barangay officials regarding COVIC-19 cases in the area. If area has history of a confirmed Covid-19 case, location will be disapproved.

• Location must be near a Maxicare accredited hospital.

• Location must be near a Ayala Health facility for RTK test (Healthway, Family Doc, Qualimed).

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• There must be 1 room with private bathroom to serve as quarantine room, while waiting for the ambulance, should one of the team members exhibit symptoms.


• Food packs will be delivered on set for locations within Metro Manila.

• Onsite cooking for out-of-town location shoots. Meals shall be plated or in individual food packs.

• Only one meal and two snacks per taping day shall be served by the caterer.

• Breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotel.

• Snacks may be brought during lunch to limit number of people & interaction.

• Any other meal or snacks over and above those provided by the production will have to be charged to the personal account of the artist, staff or crew.

• Suspend food ex-deals for studio shows, meals to be catered by the cafeteria or 9501.

• Caterers will be assigned according to proximity of commissaries to taping location.

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• Artists to take their meals in their dressing rooms or tents.

• There must only be three (3) occupants in each 6ft catering table. No one should be seated in front of another person.

• Meals to be taken in shifts to maintain social distancing.


• Dressing rooms/tents strictly to be used for wardrobe changes and rest.

• For studio programs, designate Dressing Room 1 in the Main Building and Dressing Room 16 or 17 in the ELJ Building as General Make-Up Rooms for retouches.

• Dressing rooms shall be disinfected before and after every use of a program.

• Maximum of 4 artists shall be allowed inside every 12x12 tent on location (partitions to be applied).

• Airconditioned tents, tables, and chairs shall be disinfected every hour.

• Portalets shall be disinfected before and after every use.

• Frequent cleaning of bathrooms must be observed throughout the shoot.

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• Waste management removal must be carried out frequently throughout the shoot.

• Sanitation mats will be provided for disinfecting footwear.

• Ensure adequate water supply for handwashing stations.


• Artists are encouraged to bring and use their own microphones.

• Lapel mic elements assigned will not be shared with other artists. Label mics.

• Artists must put on their own lapels. PAs will no longer put on the lapels for them.

• Microphones, lapels, and communication sets shall be disinfected prior taping and before and after every use.

• Technical crew shall wear surgical gloves and face shields and masks when handling microphones, lapels and communication sets.

• Install acrylic partitions within the Technical system tent/control room.

• Camera and audio crew within the hot set to wear face shields or safety goggles and masks.


• Extras shall be at a maximum of 10 pax caretaker included. NO minor or senior extras.

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• All special costume requirements will be provided by production to ensure compliance to sanitation protocols.

• Pool of extras to be created from Rayhan Carlos talents

• For scenes needing stunts, there must be at least a week preparation with the artists involved to ensure safe execution. A stunt director must always be on set to supervise the execution of stunts.


• There will only be five (5) passengers per van.

• Only six (6) vehicles will stay on location during taping: grip truck, genset, artists shuttle, art dept, tech and prod service vehicles (in case of emergency).

Sa kasalukuyan ay hindi pa malinaw kung kailan magbabalik sa ere ang ABS-CBN.

Hindi na matutuloy ang pagtalakay ng provisional franchise ng Kapamilya network sa Kongreso, na magpapahintulot sana sa network na makapag-broadcast hanggang October 31, 2020.

Sa halip, ang tatalakayin ng Kongreso ay ang 25-year franchise renewal ng ABS-CBN.

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Mga teleserye ng ABS-CBN na magbabalik-taping, required na lock-in ang taping mula isa hanggang tatlong buwan. Inaasahan din silang makapag-produce ng at least one month worth of material.
PHOTO/S: Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News Online
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