SKL, Gen Z slang terms you need to know

Bilang huling salvo sa Buwan ng Wika.
by Frances Karmel S. Bravo
Aug 30, 2023
Enrich the Buwan ng Wika experience with an understanding of the lingo that resonates with today's youth.
There is nothing basic about the Gen Z lingo, "basic" being the word young people typically use to describe a person or thing as unoriginal.

As the nation celebrates Buwan ng Wika, it brings to mind how every generation introduces new vernacular and colloquialisms to casual speech.

In this age of texting punctuated by emojis, the millennials and Generation Y, those born between 1981 and 1994/96, are now "adulting," their term for facing up to full- grown responsibilities.

Now come Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, confusing much older generation with their own style of gen speak—described by Washington Post as having "the potential for confusing, anxiety-inducing and sometimes comical miscommunication."

Here's a quick guide to some common Gen Z terms to better understand what these kids have been saying.

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Mother is Mothering - an individual, referred to as "mother" by her followers, who shows up in dramatic or extraordinary style

  • *...sees picture of Vice Ganda fully glammed up for an event* Looks like mother is mothering hard tonight.

Boujee - derived from "bourgeois" and refers to someone who displays luxurious, high-class behavior

  • Hardly anyone in class can be as boujee as that person wearing designer clothes everyday.

Drip - to describe someone's style or outfit that's exceptionally fashionable or impressive.

  • No one can take their eyes off of Bruno Mars' drip during his Manila concert.

Slay - to do something spectacularly well

  • All the beauty queens at the GMA Gala 2023 slayed the red carpet with ease.

Snatched - flawlessly styled; very attractive

  • Krishnah Gravidez’s snatched waist on the coronation night lives in my mind rent-free.

Yasss Kween! - a response to something/someone being fabulous; to celebrate what someone just did

  • Khym: Just got my lashes, hair, and nails done, and I’m feeling gorg.; Nikko: Yasss Kween!


Some are not entirely new slangs, but are widely used by the Gen Zers.

Afam - a foreigner around Manila (tourists and expats)

  • Hindi daw nauubusan ng afam sa area na ito.

Ako lang to! - to comically humble oneself down after receiving excessive compliments

  • Julie: Grabe ka na talaga Jo-ann, di ka na ma-reach!; Jo-Ann: Uy ano ka ba, ako lang to!

Anyare? - iteration of “anong nangyari” which directly translates to “what happened?”

  • Bong: Uy, may intern na lumabas ng office ni boss na umiiyak.; Jojo: Hala, anyare?

Bet! - to approve or affirm something; along the lines of “cool” or “I’m down”; can also mean you like something/someone

  • Gerry: Kain tayo samgyup mamaya, bet?; Noel: Bet!
  • Gorgy: Parang mas bet ko mag-Filipino food today.

Boogsh! - an onomatopoeic slang that means something is extravagant or bongga

  • Boogsh! Kinabog kayo sa awrahan ni Nikko.

Dasurv - to imply someone deserves what they're getting

  • KC: Nanalo nanaman daw and Philippines sa Miss Universe; Ingrid: Oh, talaga? Dasurv!

Deins - no

  • Chino: Bro, sinagot ka na ni Tin?; Arniel: Deins, bro.

Forda clout - to call a deed as something that was done for the sake of views, engagement

  • Halatang forda clout lang yung basurang prank video na iyon, no?

Kimi/Eme/Ems - to indicate that something is a joke; its millennial equivalent is 'Char/Charot/Chz'

  • Kung ako na lang kaya jowain ni Anjo Pertierra, eme!

Korique - to agree with a statement

  • FK: Siguro time na para maghanap ng afam; Khym: Korique!

Lavarn - to push through despite adversities

  • Kahit di ka na mag-champion sis, i-lavarn mo pa din.

Pala-desisyon?! - to call out a person's tendency to comment in a decisive manner

  • Igi: Uy magpalit ka ng damit, kitang-kita ang legs mo; Pink: Wag kang pala-desisyon, beh!

Pa-mine - to claim ownership at something shown on screen; derived from the live-selling community

  • Ang sarap tignan ng mango float, pa-mine naman niyan, sis.

Sana all - to experience the same thing they witnessed or have been told about

  • Erwin: Concert ticket ng NMIXX napanalunan ko sa raffle draw; Rommel: Sana all, pre!

Sa true! - to express agreement or confirmation, similar to saying "That's true!" or "Exactly!"

  • Kat: I can't believe may sahod na agad!; Nini: Sa true!

Sino ka diyan? - to ask someone who they're embodying, when they behave/look a different way than their usual selves

  • Karen: *appears all glammed up and struts down like a supermodel*; Bernie: Yes naman! Sino ka diyan?

SKL - (Share Ko Lang)

  • Hindi ko pa pala nalabhan yung uniform ko, SKL.

Yarn - to express that the story being told might be exaggerated or not entirely truthful; evolution of "yan"

  • Ang taray ng pink OOTD mo,mare! Barbie yarn?


FML - F*** My Life

  • I accidentally stubbed my pinky toe while rushing to clean after my dog's poop, FML.

FRFR - For Real, For Real

  • This house is so dope, FRFR.

FTW - For The Win

  • In the league of football, my dad always supports Neymar FTW.

GOAT - Greatest Of All Time

  • A lot of athletes are considered GOAT by their legion of fans.

HMU - Hit Me Up

  • Feel free to HMU if you have a problem with my Facebook post.

IJBOL - I Just Burst Out Laughing; a variation of the millennial slang LMAO (laughing my a** off)

  • IJBOL like did he think I was gonna take him seriously after his pathetic stunt?

IMHO - In My Honest/Humble Opinion

  • IMHO, the Barbie movie isn't any better than its box office duelist Oppenheimer.

IRL - In Real Life

  • How long after meeting on Tinder do you get to see your matches IRL?

IYKYK - If You Know, You Know

  • Last Friday night was out of this world! #iykyk

JGH - Just Got Home

  • JGH. Where were we on the topic again?

JWU - Just Woke Up

  • Sorry, I couldn't get back to you earlier, I JWU.

LMK - Let Me Know

  • Hey, LMK if you're almost here so I can unlock the door ahead.

SMH - Shaking My Head

  • Lol, so the killer was the most predictable one all along SMH.

TFW - That Feeling When

  • TFW you finally take off your high heels after a long, exhausting day.

WBK - We Been Knew (duh/obviously)

  • So that's what Taylor Swift's new photos were for, she's releasing her new album! WBK!

WBU - What 'Bout U (What about you?)

  • They seem to enjoy the steak I prepared, WBU?


Issa vibe/it’s a whole mood - derived from “it’s a vibration,” which is used to convey a sense of relatable sensation or feeling

  • That new underground nightclub issa vibe.

It’s giving - to describe a situation that gives off a certain type of vibe; can also be used for outfits/looks that are over-the-top and sensational

  • Ang lakas ng ulan ah, it’s giving walang pasok.

Mid - to imply that something is not bad, but also not good, or basically a 5 out of 10; used mostly on looks

  • If you don’t think he’s mid, go to the event and see him for yourself.

No cap - to emphasize that 'no lie' was told; to convey authenticity

  • I just hung out with Ariana Grande, no cap.

Perf - short for "perfect" or "purrfect"; used to express approval or admiration

  • Tin: I got to finish our monthly presentation a week earlier.; FK: Perf! Now let’s practice our defense.

Purr - to give props to someone

  • Thea: Hey gurl, I just got a raise!; Marie: Purr

Ratio - refers to the situation when a tweet or post receives more replies than likes or retweets, often implying that the person is getting criticized

  • Dude, your hot take about defending Slater Young’s Banaue Rice Terraces-inspired real estate project just got ratioed on Twitter.

Rizz - from charisma; a variation of the millennial slang "finesse," which means to handle something skillfully or achieve something through unbelievable charm

  • Her rizz game is so strong, she managed to get free concert tickets on top of a free parking slot

Sheesh - an exclamation of surprise

  • *after tasting good food* Sheesh! Ang sarap naman ng luto mo!

Skrrt! - an onomatopoeic slang imitating the sound of a car drifting or screeching to a stop; often used to express excitement or to signify leaving.

  • Imma skrrt skrrt from class if the principal asks for me.

Spill the tea/What's the tea? - to share juicy or exclusive details about something

  • Totoo ba na break na kayo ni Franco? Uy, spill the tea!

Take the L/W - refers to "taking the loss" or "taking the win" in a situation.

  • Hope you don't go telling on us to your momma after taking that L.



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There is nothing basic about the Gen Z lingo, "basic" being the word young people typically use to describe a person or thing as unoriginal.
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