"Hindi lang po iba't ibang genre ang maririnig niyo kundi pati iba't ibang dekada ng music," says Juris Fernandez (second from left) about the pre-Valentine concert of ASAP Sessionistas at the Araneta Coliseum on February 5, 2011. Juris's fellow Sessionistas (L-R) Aiza Seguerra, Princess Velasco, Duncan Ramos, Richard Poon, Sitti, and Nina will also perform. Photo: Noel Orsal

ASAP Sessionistas will entertain their fans once again in a pre-Valentine concert at the Araneta Coliseum on February 5.

The group—composed of Richard Poon, Sitti Navarro, Nina, Juris Fernandez, Princess Velasco, Duncan Ramos, and Aiza Seguerra—will  perform hit songs from past decades.

The Bossa Nova Diva Sitti says their pre-Valentine concert will also be like a music clinic that will relate music history from the '40s to the present.

Acoustic star Juris Fernandez agrees, "Hindi lang po iba't ibang genre ang maririnig niyo kundi pati iba't ibang dekada ng music."

Dubbed as ASAP Sessionistas 20.11, this concert is directed by Dido Camara. He promised that each member will have their own spot to showcase the diffent genres of their music.

Aside from that, exciting mashups are also being prepared for the concert.

Big Band Crooner Richard Poon adds, "Ngayon, may bago na kaming sessionista, si Princess [Velasco], so, seven na kami. Siyempre, mas challenging ngayon kasi pito kayo, paano niyo gagawin 'yong production, paano ka mag-a-adjust.

"I think we're sure the thing you saw sa Araneta last time, 'yon pa rin. We'll have our solo spot. Ipapakita namin ang genre ng music namin.

"But I think with Princess now, maiiba 'yong chemistry and the way the flow goes. Medyo mas iba ang flow ngayong year na ito."

Soul Siren Nina also promises, "It's very different from the last time."

STAYING SOLID. Meanwhile, despite news about the group's disbanding, the members of ASAP Sessionistas assure fans that their group remains solid.

Acoustic sensation Aiza says she has no reason to quit from the group since she's having fun right now. She says, "Ako po 'yong tipo na kahit walang kontrata, I'd stick with someone kapag masaya ako. Ngayon, masaya ako, masaya ako sa grupo ko, I like ASAP."

With regards to reports that some of the members are jumping to other TV networks, Juris says, "I don't think na mangyayari 'yon, na malilipat kami."

She elaborates further, "For me kasi, kapag lumipat kami [from ASAP], parang wala na ring sense, e. Wala na rin 'yong identity ng grupo. We're not called Sessionistas anyway, we're called 'ASAP Sessionistas.'