Ella (Lee Da-hee) and Robin (Lee Ji-hoon) fight over the historical home, Hwa Ahn Dang. Can their love survive the rigors of business? Find out in the newest Koreanovela of GMA-7 titled Hello! My Lady. Photo: Courtesy of GMA-7

How can a person choose between love or money? Find out in the newest Koreanovela of GMA-7 titled Hello! My Lady. In an effort maintain its winning streak in the afternoon block, the Kapuso Network airs Hello! My Lady, a Korean drama series beginning July 7, Monday. This romantic comedy airs Monday to Friday, right after Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan.


Hello! My Lady gives a fresh take on Koreanovelas for its intriguing plot, amusing dialogue, extraordinary storyline and award-winning cast. In this TV series, the well-heeled, attractive guy falls in love with the girl first, veering away from the usual Cinderella story that everyone adores.


The heroine is 22-year-old Ella (Lee Da-hee), the sassy grandniece of the Je-an Lee Clan. Due to her father's elopement with another woman and the unexpected death of her mother because of cancer, Ella becomes the apparent heir of the clan's historical home, Hwa Ahn Dang.


Left with no choice but to head Hwa Ahn Dang, Ella struggles to save her family's traditional house at the brink of corporate takeover. She then moves to Seoul to find a job in order to save it from bankruptcy.


In her quest to earn money, Ella tries all sorts of work including her participation in a body contest. She then bumps into 30-year-old Robin (Lee Ji-hoon), the handsome grandson of the owner of the company TOP Group. Soon, Ella and Robin start to develop feelings for each other.


However, in an unexpected twist of events, Robin's grandfather happens to be involved in the takeover of Hwa Ahn Dang. Robin then forces Ella to sell the historical home to him since his grandfather promised to pass his rights to whoever hands him the Hwa Ahn Dang.


As expected, Ella refuses to sell the house to Robin but the romance between them continues. Adding spice to their love affair is Robin's cousin, Archie (Ha Seok-jin) who likewise tries his luck to win Ella's heart and compel her to sell to him Hwa Ahn Dang.


Will Ella finally give up her pride and historical home to Robin? Or to Archie? Can money really buy everything including love?


Hello! My Lady's main star Lee Da-hee won the 2007 KBS Drama Award for Excellence in a Mini Drama. She also appeared in Sweet 18, which was shown on GMA-7 in 2005.


Who will steal Ella's heart? Catch Hello! My Lady starting July 7, Monday to Friday, in replacement of Coffee Prince Rewind. This Koreanovela airs right after Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan on GMA-7.