Kim Chiu portrays a cancer patient while Derek Ramsay plays an ambulance driver in the March 6 episode of Your Song presents Kim. Photo: ABS-CBN


"Kim Chiu and Derek Ramsay are set to grace our small screens this Sunday via Your Song.

"More than a year na ata yung last project namin together kaya masaya po ako na makatrabaho po ulit si Derek," Kim shared. Their last project together was Star Cinema's I Love You, Goodbye.

"This Sunday, Your Song presents Kim gives you a touching love story that will make its viewers realize that every single day should be lived as if it was the last. Derek will be giving life to Ariel, an ambulance driver who will fall in love with Ysa (Kim), a patient diagnosed with cancer. Will Ysa's sickness hinder Ariel from loving Ysa more? Where will their relationship lead them?

"Don't miss this rare love story on Your Song presents Kim this Sunday, March 6, after ASAP Rocks on ABS-CBN."

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