Baal (played by guest star Daniel Matsunaga, left) and Machete (Aljur Abrenica) come face to face as GMA-7's telefantasya comes to an end after airing for three months. Photo: GMA-7


"Machete marks his final battle this Friday, March 18, as he comes face to face with Baal (played by guest star Daniel Matsunaga), a wooden statue carved by Bugana and will be brought to life to destroy the ancient warrior.

"As Machete/Dakila (Aljur Abrenica) continues to fight with Baal, enduring twice the amount of pain because he and the evil statue are inexplicably connected to one another, he must also make the decision of choosing between his love for Aginaya (Bela Padilla) and Jessa (Kris Bernal).

"With the help of Rosella (Bela Padilla), Machete finds a way to defeat the cold-blooded warrior by destroying Baal's ancient image. But with his success comes another challenge as both Aginaya and Rosella simultaneously meet danger in the hands of Marla and Homer.

"Using his magical weapon, Machete must use all of his power to overcome the combined forces of his two most ruthless opponents. Will he emerge victorious in the end? And if he does, will he choose to be with Aginaya and return to his past, or will he rather remain in the present with Jessa?

"Don't miss the heart-stopping finale of Machete this Friday after The Baker King on GMA Telebabad."

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