Some of the stars of Good Vibes include (top frame, from left) Enrique Gil, Sam Concepcion, Ivan Dorschner, and James Reid. They will be joined by (bottom frame, from left) Maribeth Bichara, Dominic Ochoa and Yayo Aguila. Feel the good vibes every weekend with ABS-CBN's teen dance drama, Good Vibes, beginning this Sunday, April 3 . Photo: Allan Sancon

With some characters dubbed as the Queen Bee and the Gender Bender (a closet gay), it might seem that ABS-CBN's new teen dance drama Good Vibes has some similarities with the American TV series Glee.

However, lead star Sam Concepcion dismissed comparisons with the popular musical series during the press con of the show held last March 29 at The Lounge Bar in Quezon City.

When asked to comment to those saying that Good Vibes is the dance version of the American musical series Glee, Sam pointed out: "Actually hindi, e. It's a teen-oriented show so we tackle issues ng mga kabataan ngayon, like teen pregnancy, cheating pero with a common ground na dancing. We all happen to be part of a dance crew. Yun ang pinaka-basis niya pero may story siya na very compelling.

"Malayo siya sa format ng Glee but we are offering something new. Dancing is a great way to connect sa mga kabataan kasi we all love to dance, we all love music. Ibang formula nito and that's what makes it exciting."

Even Ms. Maribeth Bichara, the choreographer of the show, says that they made it a point to weave the plot of the show with the dance numbers.

"The dance here is not only dancing, there's a story. Hindi lang basta sasayaw, laging may istorya po ang sayaw. 

"Pagdating sa taping, may choreograph na sila pero I would have to change some of them so they have to be very quick. This is a very good training for the kids na maging mabilis ang memory nila. There's always a story behind the dance," she emphasizes.

Ms. Maribeth is also cast in this TV series as the kontrabida named Alexandra Torres. She is an ambitious vice-principal who wants to become the school's principal and replace Nestor (played by Dominic Ochoa). Her character is not too fond of dancing so she discourages the kids from being active in the dance crew.

Maru Benitez, the production manager of Good Vibes, also pointed out: "We want to present a different type of narrative with dance as a milieu. Ang tina-tackle po dito, issues of the youth, relationship with their parents, kung paano sila as individuals, how they make their stars shine.

"Makapal talaga ang narrative, ang drama. The dance is just a milieu pero hindi talaga yun ang pinaka-focus. Naka-incorporate ang dance dun sa kuwento, hindi lang basta sumayaw."

Isn't it risky to introduce this new format to local television? 

"That's what production is all about: taking risks. Risky pero naniniwala kami na strong talaga ang narrative," says Ms. Maru. 

GOOD VIBES ON THE SET. The show tackles several serious topics but the stars maintain that they keep up their spirits by bonding on the set. They also play music by using the speakers brought by cast member Chikara Nawa (whose character named Wowie is dubbed as the Gender Bender).