Arnold Clavio and Mel Tiangco will host GMA-7's new show titled Sanib Puwersa. The pilot episode on October 23 will tackle a tragic bus collision that took place in Batangas.   Photo: GMA-7


"A dangerous curve.  A drunk driver.  What combination could be deadlier than this?

"On the night of August 16, two trucks collided in Bolbok Diversion Road in Batangas.  The collision was bad enough that passengers of both trucks were thrown out of their vehicles.  And as if being thrown out of the trucks was not enough, upon hitting the ground, they were pinned under the vehicles that overturned!  It was learned later that one of the drivers was intoxicated and fell asleep while behind the wheel.

"This Sunday, witness two of GMA News and Public Affairs' pillars join forces to help victims of the collision.  Join Mel Tiangco as she visits the victims and provides assistance to help them recover from their nightmarish experience.  Meanwhile, be there as Arnold Clavio goes to the location of the collision to investigate the incident and find out what can be done to ensure that accidents in the area are prevented from happening again.

"Don't miss Sanib Puwersa as it airs its initial episode on Sunday, October 23 at 9:15 pm, after Protégé on GMA-7."

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