Claudine Barretto and Dennis Trillo will topbill GMA-7's horror TV series,  Spooky Nights Presents: Kalaro.


"Dramatic actors Claudine Barretto and Dennis Trillo seem to have enjoyed their previous stint in GMA-7's Spooky Nights. This Saturday (November 19), they return to the show for its next horror feature titled Kalaro.

"With Munting Heredera child stars Mona Louise Rey and Migs Cuaderno, Kalaro presents a story about a father who wants to win the approval of his son after his marriage breaks up. Further complicating things between them are two ghosts wanting to take them to the after life by causing their death.

"While his wife is on a vacation abroad, Chris (Dennis) finally has a chance to bond with his son, Clark (Migs). However, it seems that only Chris enjoys their current setup because the boy hates him and his new home: a unit on the sixth floor of a strange condominium.

"Clark is bored because, aside from the fact that he is staying with his dad, there seems to be no other kids on the sixth floor. Thus, he gets excited and happy when he meets Ena (Mona), a girl who lives in the unit beside theirs. Instantly, the two kids become playmates.

"Meanwhile, Chris started experiencing weird things in his condo unit ever since he met Ena's mother, Lara (Claudine). He has also been seeing horrifying visions: like Clark becoming a corpse and the water in the bathtub turning to blood.

"Await this scary and heartbreaking story presented by Director Uro Q. Dela Cruz and Headwriter Senedy Que.

"Catch Spooky Nights Presents: Kalaro this Saturday (November 19) after Manny Many Prizes on GMA-7."

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