EB Babes Mae dela Cerna (main photo), Saida Diola (inset, top) and Ann Boleche (inset, bottom) got involved in a donut-house incident with a couple last Sunday, October 5. Mae suffered first-degree burns after a certain Mr. dela Paz threw the contents of his coffee cup at her.

Photo: www.eatbulaga.tv

Inalabas kanina, October 8, ng TAPE Inc. ang kanilang official statement at suporta sa tatlong miyembro ng EB Babes na nasangkot sa gulo noong Linggo ng gabi, October 5, sa Krispy Kreme Donut Hausz, Greenhills, San Juan.


Ang TAPE Inc. ang producer ng Eat Bulaga at mainstay nitong programa ang EB Babes. Sina Mae dela Cerna, Saida Diola, at Ann Boleche ang tatlong EB Babes na nasangkot sa insidente.


Sa ulat ng Unang Hirit noong Lunes, October 6, itinanggi ni Tess dela Paz na binuhusan ng kanyang asawa ng mainit na kape si Mae. Natapon lamang daw ang kape at kailangan din ng kanyang asawa na ipagtanggol ang sarili.


Para maging malinaw ang pangyayari, inilabas ng TAPE ang panig nina Mae, Saida, Ann, at ng mga saksi na lumantad at nagpatotoo na walang kasalanan ang tatlo.


Ito ang nilalaman ng official statement ng TAPE:


"The Television and Production Exponent Inc. (TAPE,Inc.), in response to the report concerning the incident involving Mae dela Cerna, Saida Diola, and Ann Boleche, members of the dance group EB Babes, and in order to clarify the event that led to the said incident, states:


"On 05 October 2008, at about 8:45 p.m., Mae, Saida, and Ann were at the Krispy Kreme Donut Hauz at Greenhills, San Juan. Upon arriving at Krispy Kreme, they proceeded to line up to purchase donuts behind a woman named Mrs. Theresa dela Paz. Unknowingly, Mae, Saida, and Ann had mistakenly cut into the line before Mrs. dela Paz's family.


"After noticing Mrs. dela Paz's annoyance at their mistake, Mae asked Saida and Ann to move behind the Dela Paz Family. However, when Mae, Saida, and Ann were already at the counter paying for their purchases, Mrs. dela Paz suddenly pinched Saida on her lower shoulder. Mrs. dela Paz, unprovoked by Mae, Saida, or Ann, called them insulting names and cast aspersions on their character. At this point, Mr. dela Paz, presumably the husband of Mrs. dela Paz, approached the group, and said, "Kanina pa kayo a! Ano'ng gusto n'yo, buhusan ko kayo ng kape?"     


"In order to avoid any disorder, a security guard guided Mae, Saida, and Ann toward the other restaurant exit. However, they found that Mr. dela Paz was there to bar their exit. Mae decided to apologize to Mr. dela Paz for whatever misunderstanding had occurred, and she told Mr. dela Paz, "Kuya, pasensiya na po, akala po yata ng asawa ninyo siningitan namin siya sa pila, hindi naman po, sorry na po."


"However, instead of accepting Mae's sincere apology, Mr. dela Paz and Mrs. dela Paz, who likewise approached, continued to berate them and called them insulting names.


"Saida then told the others that they should just leave. While turning to leave, Mr. dela Paz threw the contents of his coffee cup at Mae and threatened to hit Saida. Mr. dela Paz was merely restrained by his son. Mae suffered first-degree burns from her collarbone to her arm and had to be taken to the Cardinal Santos Medical Hospital to be treated. Various witnesses of the incident can attest to the event which took place.


"TAPE fully supports Mae, Saida, and Ann on this matter. Mr. Dela Paz's actions cannot be condoned; violence can never be condoned as a suitable reaction, especially against women, even in response to a presumed fault. Worse, the violence was performed after Mae had already apologized for their unintentional acts. Since the proper proceedings have already been commenced, TAPE expects that this matter shall soon be resolved through the proper channels."


Ipinahayag ng tatlong EB Babes sa kanilang statement na hindi nila maintindihan ang bayolenteng reaksiyon ng Dela Paz family.


"We were sincerely apologetic for our mistake in getting in line behind Mrs. dela Paz. However, we feel that Mr. and Mrs. dela Paz's actions were clearly unfair and worse, excessively violent. We cannot tolerate the acts of Mr. and Mrs. dela Paz, who showed such violence and cruelty, especially to Mae, and we are forced to protect our rights by bringing this matter to the proper authorities.


"On October 6, 2008, after investigation by Assistant City Prosecutor Angelica Formaran, where all parties were allowed to give our statements personally, Asst. City Prosecutor Formaran recommended the filing of a criminal information for less serious physical injuries against Mr. dela Paz for the injuries suffered by Mae.


"We hope that the public will appreciate that we are only asserting our rights not to be the subject of violence and aggression, just like any citizen should. We would also like to extend our thanks to all those who assisted us, especially the security guards, the police and the good-hearted people who were then present to assist us."