Sen. Miriam Santiago opens up her home in Powerhouse

What do you get when broadcast journalist Mel Tiangco and controversial Senator Miriam Santiago share the spotlight in a rare occasion? Viewers can look forward to unforgettable one on one interview.

This Tuesday night, GMA News TV’s Powerhouse gets a chance to peek into the home and colorful life of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago as she opens up for the first time her French and Italian inspired home.

Senator Santiago will also reveal her painting collections particularly the masterpieces of Cesar Buenaventura. Powerhouse also gets a glimpse of the senator’s private library, which houses almost one million books. Senator Miriam revealed she read all these books.

In a one-on-one interview with Mel Tiangco, Senator Miriam shares fond memories of her childhood days in Iloilo. Unlike typical girls, she never played bahay-bahayan saying, “I thought that was ridiculous. It really sent me to tears of laughter when I went out of our house, all the neighborhood would play bahay-bahayan.” She added she would rather play chemicals since she wanted then to become a scientist.

Senator Miriam will also share her life as a student at the University of the Philippines where she had many suitors and soon met her husband Atty. Narciso Santiago, Jr. "I was editor of the Philippine Collegian and at that time, our printing press was in Sta. Cruz, and I was living in UP Diliman. My husband had a brand new sports car and we needed a car at that time, so I intended to date people with cars," reveals the senator cheerfully.

The outspoken senator discloses her opinion regarding the impeachment trial and the government. She will also answer controversies, personal issues. When asked about about former president Fidel Ramos, Senator Miriam said “as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t exist."

The senator also gamely answers questions on her fashion style. She said she has her own stylist and she often visits her favorite salon saying, "I know that it is part of my daily crucifixion, so I offered it to the Lord."

Powerhouse discovers that Senator Santiago prefers to collect shoes than bags. She said “Hand bags, I don't at all like them because they occupy my hands. My hands always have to be ready in case I need to slap somebody!”

Have a colorful Tuesday night and join Mel Tiangco in this rare no holds barred interview with Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago in Powerhouse, Tuesday, 8pm on GMA News TV Channel 11.



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