Carla Abellana on shooting Shake Rattle & Roll XV: "Madugo, literally!"

Carla Abellana on the thrilling plot of Shake Rattle & Roll XV: “Even us cast members, sa dami ng conflicts, sa sobrang intense, [tinatanong naming] paano tayo aabot sa ending na na-shoot na natin?" In the teaser of the "Ulam" segment, Carla and the Dennis Trillo's characters appear to have eaten something poisonous that has an adverse effect on them.

Carla Abellana is no stranger to doing horror flicks.

But she’s still amazed with the twists and turns while shooting Regal Films' 2014 Metro Manila Film Fest entry, Shake Rattle and Roll XV.

The movie rushes alone promise to be filled with hair-raising scenes including the "Ulam" segment topbilled by Carla and Dennis Trillo.

Carla narrated, “Yung episode namin is titled 'Ulam.' Pinapakain kami ng yaya namin ng mga butiki, daga, at aso. Revenge niya yun sa family namin.

“Tapos medyo nagta-transform kami sa kung ano man nakakain namin. Nagiging gano’n kami,” Carla relates in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Although they have already shot the ending for the said episode, the Kapuso actress says she can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of the story.

“The ending is nice. But honestly, hindi namin alam kung anong mangayayari sa ending.

“Even us cast members, sa dami ng conflicts, sa sobrang intense, [tinatanong naming] paano tayo aabot sa ending na na-shoot na natin?

“So, hanggang ngayon we cannot predict kung anong mangyayari because our script arrives per day.”

Some of the horror projects that Carla has done in the past include Third Eye (2014) and Shake Rattle & Roll XII (2010).

Coupled with her other acting and hosting projects, Carla further shares that working on Shake Rattle and Roll XV has been a bit overwhelming.

“Madugo, literally. Naghahabol kami kasi it’s showing na in December. So, ratsada para dire-diretso na.”

The 28-year-old actress even posted on her Instagram that the cast and staff of the movie can’t enjoy the Halloween weekend just yet because of their heavy workload.

But despite feeling exhausted, Carla fights off stress by being optimistic about her situation.

She just keeps on reminding herself: “There is a solution to your problem. Keep searching.


“Have faith in your ability to withstand these hard times.

“Better days are near.”





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