Starting Over Again grosses US$650,000 according to Hollywood site

Director Olivia Lamasan (wearing yellow) and writer Carmi Raymundo (wearing peach) is photographed with the cast members of Starting Over Again namely (L-R, seated) Iza Calzado, Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga, and Beauty Gonzales. They are joined by fellow cast members (L-R, standing) Joross Gamboa, Bryan Santos, Cai Cortez, and Edgar Allan Guzman.

How much did the movie Starting Over Again earn in the United States?

According to the Los Angeles-based Hollywood news site, the Star Cinema movie was able to earn $650,000 gross (approximately P29,250,000 pesos) in three days.

Starting Over Again, starring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga, is a movie about a couple who have yet to achieve closure after separating from each other. regularly provides articles about the box-office figures of movies produced in the United States. It has been covering the Hollywood scene since as far back as 2008.

In an article written by Leonard Klady last February 23, he pointed out: "Bollywood newcomer Highway was just OK with a $319,000 tally but Filipino newcomer Starting Over Again was boffo with a $650,000 gross from a trifling 52 screens."

Boffo is an informal term meaning "very good."

Mr. Klady is a co-founder and contributor at The site is described as follows: "A daily stop for news, and information about films and the industry that makes them, particularly during the awards season. Hollywood's Home Page for Reviews, Features, Boxoffice, Commentary and everything you need to know about the Awards Season."

Mr. Klady is also a member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and he has been a staff writer/critic/columnists for publications such as the Los Angeles Times and Variety.

LOCAL BOX-OFFICE. In the Philippines, how much did the movie Starting Over Again earn in the box-office?

According to Star Cinema AdProm manager Mico del Rosario, Starting Over Again was able to gross P300 million in a span of 12 days.

The executive also disclosed that the movie bested the personal box-office records of Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga, Iza Calzado, and director Olive Lamasan.

During the blog conference of the movie, Piolo Pascual and Iza Calzado were asked how important is it for them to have closure.

Piolo pointed out, "Case to case naman yun, e. Depende siguro kung anong nangyari sa inyo, how you guys broke up.

"If it's a friendly breakup, there should be closure.

"But sometimes, it takes time to heal and in any relationship, it's really important to have that."

Iza answered, "Of course, it's very important. Kasi sometimes it's not just closure...

"Galit kayo sa isa't isa and it's a question of 'Am I still in love with the person?' It gives you the freedom to feel love again for another person.

"As long as may galit ka, as long as you feel something for the person, even if you still feel irritated by the thought of your ex, there might still be something there.

"Hangga't apektado ka in any way, there's still something there. But the minute that you become dedma, apathetic, then that's the time when you really have closure."

But the actress is quick to point out that she always retains love for an ex-boyfriend even when she has found closure.

"I doesn't mean that you don't love the person anymore. I believe that a person, once you've loved them, and especially kung malalim ang pinagsamahan n'yo, it doesn't mean that when you break up, you don't love the person anymore."



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