Ex-couple Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay felt awkward shooting intimate scenes for Trophy Wife

Derek Ramsay says, “The bed scenes are the hardest thing to do in my job." He shot intimate scenes with his ex-girlfriend Cristine Reyes for the romantic drama Trophy Wife.

Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay both admit they felt awkward while filming intimate scenes in the upcoming movie Trophy Wife.

But Cristine, who had a short-lived relationship with her friend Derek, said she never had problems doing scenes with her former A Secret Affair co-star.

“Except sa bathtub scene kasi hindi ako na-brief,” she quickly added.

“Medyo ilang ako kasi nga we’re friends, ‘tapos naging kami for a while, ‘tapos hindi na. Ilang lang ng konti.”

Derek agreed with Cristine by saying, “Of course, there’s that constant ilang.”

He then pointed out that even though they hadn't become a couple in the past, it would still feel awkward.

“Actually, there’s always that feeling in every bed scene that we do,” the hunk actor told entertainment reporters during the July 10 press conference of Trophy Wife.

Directed by Andoy Ranay, Trophy Wife will be screened in cinemas starting July 30.


He continued, “The bed scenes are the hardest thing to do in my job.

“It’s very, very difficult because when you see it on the big screen, it looks so intense, romantic, and passionate.

“It’s very difficult to do because there are a lot of cues, there’s a lot of lights, and there’s a lot of eyes watching me. It’s very difficult.”

However, despite this slight complication in doing intimate scenes, Derek said he always makes sure that his onscreen partner is protected.

He explained, “Because a lot of people on the set are guys, kapag ginagawa namin ang eksena, I make sure na protected ang eksena ko. I keep her close to me para hindi siya makitaan ng kung anuman pag-take.”


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