Pinoy movie moms who are scene-stealers

by Kaye Koo
May 12, 2019 compiles memorable lines of these iconic Pinoy movie moms. Remember the palaban lines of Jaclyn Jose in A Secret Affair?

Mother, mom, mommy, mama, nanay, inay, mami, momshie, ma. We call our mothers by different names as a sign of our affection and love expression.

Pinoy movies are no different, portraying them in different manners and characterizations that resonate with someone, somewhere.

We took a look at some Pinoy movie moms who, through many years of local movies, managed to steal the scene (and always in a good way) that helped us remember the movie better because of their quotable and memorable lines.

Along with their passionate and creative delivery of the many faces and modes of a Filipino mother, we have all laughed, cried, and laughed some more with these over-the-top, scene-stealing moms.

1. My Monster Mom

(Regal Films and GMA Films, 2008)

Actress/character: Annabelle Rama as Esme Fajardo

Why she's a scene-stealer: My Monster Mom is the story of Esme Fajardo (Annabelle Rama), an abrasive, opinionated Cebuana who went to Manila to study, fell in love with a playboy, got pregnant by him, stopped schooling, and gave up her child to relatives abroad. The child she gave up, Abbey Gail Fajardo (Ruffa Gutierrez) comes back 27 years later, now an English-speaking balikbayan from the United States.

When they reunite, Esme introduces Abbey Gail to her two brothers, both from different fathers, "Bebi gel, this is Boboy, Pipo. They are your brothers! Iba-iba their fathers, only one mother, me!"

Their differing personalities, like when Esme notes how extravagant Abbey Gail is, causes much conflict between the newly reunited mother and daughter, as Esme tells her, "Sobra ka bebi gel, ang dami mong damit. Mahilig ka pala sa damit ah!"

All the misunderstandings and dealing with volume control along with how they resolve their differences, provide the main driving points of the story. Annabelle was a scene-stealer as she kept calling Abbey Gail bebi gel, playing one of the noisiest, annoying moms on the silver screen. But it was clear that underneath all the bluster and harsh exterior, Esme loved Abbey Gail and her two sons.


2. No Other Woman

(Star Cinema and Viva Films, 2011)

Actress/character: Carmi Martin as Babygirl Dela Costa

Why she's a scene-stealer: Unlike her daughter Charmaine Dela Costa-Escaler (Cristine Reyes), Babygirl Dela Costa (Carmi Martin) is feisty and palaban from the onset.

While the movie is centered around the love affair between Derek Ramsey and Anne Curtis' characters (Ram and Kara) with Cristine Reyes' demure wife character eventually fighting back for what is hers, it was Carmi Martin who really shone as the mom who likened mistresses to snatchers when she told Cha, "Dahil nga ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatchers! Maaagawan ka! Lumaban ka!"

Babygirl is reminding her daughter to have some balls and let go of her demure self when she says, "Panahon na para ipack-up mo yang Lucy Torres mo, ilabas mo na diyan si Gretchen Barretto! Katulad nung sinabi niya noon sa Magkaribal, you want war, I'll give you war. Anak, ako na bahala sa red stillettos mo!"

When Cha starts to doubt herself again, how she will fight an heiress like Kara, who may be a mistress yes, but a rich one, Babygirl points out, "Pare-parehong p*ta lang yon! Yung mayaman original ang Hermes, yung mahirap, binili sa Greenhills! Yun lang yun!"

Her zingers and witty comebacks made her someone to watch for every time she came on screen. It was her advice that helped push Charmaine to try and win her husband back.


3. A Secret Affair

(Viva Films, 2012)

Actress/character: Jaclyn Jose as Ellen

Why she's a scene-stealer: Jaclyn Jose as Ellen, mother of Rafaela "Rafi" Delgado (Anne Curtis), put the super in super bitch when she confronts her husband's mistress and puts her in her place, "Shut up. Bitch ka lang. Ako super bitch."

She also redefined how we saw flash floods when she told Rafi who discovered what her fiance Anton (Derek Ramsey) had been doing with her friend Samantha "Sam" Montinola (Andi Eigenmann) behind her back.

Ellen tells Rafi, "Ano bang akala mo sa mga pambababae, parang flash floods, na kapag tumila ang ulan, humupa ang baha? Lumikas ka na habang maaga, bago mag-critical level."

When Rafi asks her why there are women who prey on men even if they know they are taken, Ellen answers, "Kaya kabit ang tawag sa kanila kasi, daig pa nila ang epoxy kung kumabit. Kaya querida kasi kiri. Kaya mistress, kasi nakaka-stress. Huwag kang tatanga-tanga, hindi bagay sa 'yo. Hindi bagay sa ganda mo."

As she lifts her wine glass, we can't help but toast along with her.


4. Four Sisters and a Wedding

(Star Cinema, 2013)

Actress/character: Coney Reyes as Grace Salazar

Why she's a scene-stealer: In a movie that starred Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, Shaina Magdayao, and Angel Locsin, four strong actresses with meaty roles who played sisters along with Enchong Dee as their brother, Coney Reyes as their mother, Grace managed to capture our attention. When the big secret of Teddie (Toni Gonzaga) is revealed, she tells Teddie, "Did you honestly think di kita maiintindihan?"

When Bobbie (Bea Alonzo) defends her actions and justifies why she is the way she is, Grace responds, "I'm sorry, anak, I didn't know you felt that way."

When everyone starts reconciling, Grace speaks to all them, "I thought I was being fair because in my heart, I loved you all the same way. Kaya lagi lang ako nakatingin kay Teddie and CJ kasi sila, sila sa inyo, sila yung mahina. Sila yung lagi nagkakasakit diba, laging kailangan ng atensyon. Pero kayong tatlo, you've always been independent. Malalakas kayo. Matatapang!"

To reassure Teddie, she reminds her as they hug, "I want you to know I will love you kahit ano ka pa, kahit ano ka pa."

Now in a group hug, Grace tells her five children, "Kung may pagkukulang ako sa inyo, I'm sorry ha, I'm sorry. I'm not perfect. But I am your mother. And I will always love you, the best way I know how."

Cue tears everywhere.


5. A Very Special Love, You Changed My Life, and It Takes a Man and a Woman

(Star Cinema, 2008, 2009, and 2013)

Actress/character: Irma Adlawan as Baby Magtalas

Why she's a scene-stealer: This hugely popular trilogy which cemented the Sarah Geronimo/John Lloyd Cruz love team as certified box-office hitmakers was complemented by memorable performances from its support cast.

Chief among them is the quiet yet powerful way Irma Adlawan played Baby Magtalas, mother to Sarah Geronimo's Laida Magtalas.

In A Very Special Love, Laida, busy with her morning routine in their shared bathroom, is interrupted by Baby who casually starts to do her own routine in the toilet.

When Laida gets carried away imagining her prospects with her boss Miggy, played by John Lloyd Cruz, Baby quickly reminds her, "Walang ibig sabihin yun. Yung mga ganyang tipong lalake, pinipilahan yan."

Laida insists she will line up then, but Baby is firm in knocking some reality into Laida, "Anak naman, ang gusto mong lalake yung mayaman, matalino, guwapo... Ikaw... Mayaman ka sa pagmahahal, matalino ka, at maganda ka. Naku anak, huwag ka masyado umasa, dapat 'pag nagmahal ka, gising ka ha, yung dilat ang parehong mata, at huwag isusuko ang Bataan ha!"

In It Takes a Man and a Woman, after Laida and Miggy's love story has taken so many detours, Loida asks her mom Baby how she was able to forgive, referencing what happened between her and the dad in You Changed My Life.

Baby wisely answers, "Sa cellphone ko, may nakalagay, piliin mong magpatawad, piliin mong magmahal at inuulit ko yun, araw-araw."

Laida wants to know how her mom did it and Baby responds lovingly, "Kinaya ko kasi, mahal ko siya. Di ba may kasabihan, love is a choice."


6. Tanging Ina

(Star Cinema, 2003)

Actress/character: Ai-Ai delas Alas as Ina Montecillo

Why she's a scene-stealer: As a comedienne, Ai-Ai delas Alas took on one of her most challenging yet fulfilling roles as the titular Ina. A play on words, the movie allowed Ai-Ai to shine in her role as a mother to her dozen children, from her three husbands who died an untimely death each time.

When her eldest, Juan (Marvin Agustin) starts to complain he is tired of doing the house chores and wants to help her by looking for a job, Ina turns the tables on him subtly by saying, "E, napakachallenging naman pala ng ginagawa mo, e, ako na lang ulit ang gagawa niyan. Tapos para maalagaan ko ulit ang mga maliliit mong kapatid. Pero, pag hindi ka naging successful diyan, pwede ka na ulit bumalik diyan sa mga ginagawa mo, ha."

When her second child, Tudis (Nikki Valdez) says she is resigning yet again, Ina tells her, "E, gagawin ka bang clown doon? E, ikaw naman anak, pang-sampung trabaho mo na eto simula nung grumadweyt ka, e.


"Ayaw mo ng matabang boss, ayaw mo ng payat, ayaw mo ng gwapo, ayaw mo ng pangit, ayaw mo ng may nunal, ayaw mo ng may balat, ayaw mong masungit, ayaw mo ng tahimik, ano bang gusto mo?"

Tri, her third child (Carlo Aquino), is caught by Ina in a billiards hall. She tells him to stop gambling (something her first husband Tony played by Edu Manzano used to do) and says, "Kailan ka pa natutong magbulakbol? Alam mo ba, 'pag naloko ka diyan sa sugal, hanggang paglaki mo, maloloko ka diyan! Mapapabayaan mo buhay mo, maloloko ang buhay mo!"

When she can't find Ten-Ten (Yuuki Kadooka), she starts shouting for him, but Cate (Serena Dalrymple) points out that Ten-Ten is most likely deaf. Ina then goes and says, "Bingi si Ten-Ten? (Mouthing), Ten-Ten, nasaan ka? Ten-Ten! Ten-Ten!"

When the family realizes how bad things have gotten money-wise, Ina tells them, "Alam ko, marami akong obligasyon, pero maniwala kayo't sa hindi, pinipilit kong gawin yung obligasyon na yun sa inyo bilang isang magulang. Lahat ng desisyon ginagawa ko ay para sa inyo mga anak ko. Walang inang hindi napapagod! Napapagod ako. Pero kinakaya ko, hindi dahil obligasyon ko yun, kung hindi dahil mahal ko kayo."


7. In My Life

(Star Cinema, 2009)

Actress/character: Vilma Santos as Shirley Templo

Why she's a scene-stealer: One of the most beloved actresses of her generation, Vilma Santos as Shirley manages to tug at our heartstrings anew when she learns the meaning of moving on through the lives of her children. In particular, she learns to deal with the situation of her gay son, Mark Salvacion (Luis Manzano) and his lover, Noel Villanueva (John Lloyd Cruz), when she visits them in New York.

Talking to her eldest daughter Dang (Dimples Romana), who now wants to move to Australia and leave her alone in the Philippines, Shirley says, "Sige, sama-sama kayo doon sa Australia, doon ako sa New York. Tingnan lang natin kung sinong mas malayo na-move on!"

In a pivotal scene, she faces Noel (John Lloyd Cruz) and exclaims, "Anong hindi ko siya kilala? Anak ko siya, sa akin siya nanggaling, akong nagpalaki sa kanya, kaya bawa't hininga at buntong niya, alam ko ang ibig sabihin!"


8. Anak

(Star Cinema, 2008)

Actress/character: Vilma Santos as Josie

Why she's a scene-stealer: In the movie that defined how to make a blockbuster family drama that resonated with a wide audience, Vilma Santos shone as Josie, the mother who returns to her family after years of working abroad and missing so much of their lives, causing her eldest, Carla (Claudine Barretto) to grow up with deep-seated resentment against her.

In a line that has since been borrowed by Tanging Ina in a moment of comic relief, Josie muses quite seriously to her friend Mercy (Cherry Pie Picache), "Bakit ganoon, ang lalake kapag binigyan niya ang pamilya niya ng pagkain, damit, bahay, tapos napag-aral niya ang anak niya, agad sasabihin ng tao, aba, mahusay siyang ama.

"Pero kapag babae ka, kahit binigay mo na ang lahat ng iyon sa anak mo, kasama pati puso't kaluluwa mo, parang hindi pa rin sapat para tawagin kang mabuting ina."

In the big confrontation scene between Josie and Carla, Josie starts 'helping' and throwing out her items, "Ano, lalayas ka na naman? Ha? Sige, lumayas ka. Layas! Oh, tuluyan mong sirain ang buhay mo! Sige. Layas! Magpakabuang ka sa bisyo mo! Magpakasawa ka sa mga... Lumayas ka! Magpabuntis ka!

"Tingnan ko lang kung rerespetuhin ka ng anak mo kapag asin na lang inuulam niyo at nagpapakaputa ka na para may maisaksak ka lang sa sikmura niya!"

After slapping some sense into Carla who said something nasty to her, Josie goes on, "Kung ayaw mo sa akin, ayaw ko rin sa 'yo! Sana hindi nalang ako naging ina mo. Sana hindi rin kita naging anak.

"Ngayon, kung iniisip na hindi mo ako pinili bilang ina mo, sana maisip mo rin na hindi ito ang buhay na pinili ko para sa inyong mga anak ko. Kung iniisip mo na sana, binalik kita sa tiyan ko, sana maisip mo rin, ilang beses kong ginusto na hindi na kayo pinanganak! Para hindi niyo maranasan ang hirap dito sa mundo.

"Pero nandito na ako. Andyan kayo. Kahit nandito na ako, kung saan man lupalop ng mundo, dito, dala-dala ko ang obligasyon ko sa inyo na bigyan kayo ng magandang buhay, dahil magulang niyo ako."

When Carla is still hard and unrelenting, Josie tells her, "Sana, habang umiinom ka ng alak, habang hinithit mo ang sigarilyo mo, habang nilulustay mo ang mga perang pinadala ko, sana maisip mo rin, kung ilang pagkain tiniis kong hindi kainin para lang makapagpadala ako ng malaking pera dito.

"Sana, habang nakahiga ka diyan sa kutson mo, natutulog, maisip mo rin kung ilang taong kong tiniis ang matulog mag-isa habang nangungulila ako sa yakap ng mga mahal ko.

"Sana maisip mo kahit konti kung gaano kasakit sa akin na mag-alaga ng mga bata hindi ko ka-ano-ano. Samantalang kayo, kayong mga anak ko na hindi ko man lang kayo maalagaan.

"Alam mo ba kung gaano kasakit yun? Kung gaano kasakit yun bilang isang ina? Kung hindi mo ako kayang ituring bilang isang ina, respetuhin mo nalang ako bilang isang tao. Yun lang Carla, yun man lang."


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