Meet Sarah Geronimo's co-stars in upcoming movie

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Sarah Geronimo will top-bill a new movie titled Unforgettable, which she will co-star with Ara Mina, Meg Imperial, and Gina Pareno.

Sarah Geronimo is set to star in a new movie this 2019.

She will top-bill a movie titled Unforgettable, which is a co-production of VIVA Films and The IdeaFirst Company.

The IdeaFirst Company is owned by filmmakers and real-life couple Jun Lana and Perci Intalan.

Sarah was present at the story conference held last May 29.

Also part of the cast are Ara Mina, Meg Imperial, Kim Molina, Yayo Aguila, and Gina Pareno.

In a separate Instagram post, Ara expressed her excitement over working with Sarah for the first time.

She wrote, "It's been a fruitful day finishing our look test, script reading and story con. I'm actually excited to be working with the multi-talented artist @justsarahgph and Ms. Gina Pareño for the very first time! Also happy working again with my girls @kimsmolina @megimperial and Ate @yayoaguila"

On December 2018, Lana posted a short clip of Sarah hugging a dog, which was a look test for her upcoming movie project.


VIVA Films and The IdeaFirst Company are yet to announce more details about Sarah's new movie project.

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Is Sarah Geronimo working on a new movie?
Is Sarah Geronimo working on a new movie?


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