Dina Bonnevie recalls "grieving" over failed marriage to Vic Sotto

Dina Bonnevie on break-up with Vic Sotto while shooting for her 1966 film Hindi Nahahati Ang Langit: "This was the first movie when I truly could understand what being heartbroken was. Kasi it’s really happening in my life.

"Because I remember nga this movie was like the breaking point before we split up. After this, we split up na talaga, and then I joined Viva."

Dina Bonnevie opened up about her past relationship with ex-husband Vic Sotto during the premiere of her digitally restored 1986 film Hindi Nahahati Ang Langit last November 11 at Trinoma Cinema 1.

Dina and Vic got married in 1982 and they have two kids together (Danica born in 1983 and Oyo in 1984). The couple broke up in 1986 and their marriage was annuled in 1992.

Dina stated that her relationship with the comedian-host was already starting to go downhill while filming for the said movie.

"At that time I remember, because this was the first movie I did bago kami naghiwalay ni Vic [Sotto.]

"So parang naalala ko noon na si Lorna [Tolentino] was telling me, ‘Sayang naman bakit di ka na mag-aartista.’ Pero at the same time yung mga guys niloloko nila ako na, ‘You know, you need to go out kaya ka nagkakaganyan.’

"Ako naman parang, I remember shooting this movie I was grieving na nga, eh. Kasi I know it wasn’t going to last [her marriage with Vic].

Dina also admitted that a third party was already causing problems in their relationship at the time.

"Kasi siyempre parang magulo na, may third party na yung marriage namin. So I was thinking, my God, parang it’s true pala na… well they say, showbiz and movies imitate life."

She also relates how the scenes were close to her current situation, "Sabi ko, my gosh. Parang ito yung totoong nangyayari sa buhay ko, bakit ganun? Tapos nag-i-spy din ako, parang susunduin ko asawa ko.

"Yung mga scenes na, yung kunyari, ‘Anong ginagawa mo dito? Sinusundo ko asawa ko.’ Parang we’re talking about an affair. And they kept teasing me, ‘Sige madali lang i-acting yan, true to life lang yan.’


The actress added, "Parang when you’re shooting something so close to home, it’s harder to act it out kasi it’s real na, eh.

"But when you’re filming something that’s not too close to home, you can do it kasi you know you’re just working.

"But when you’re trying to portray something that is really happening in your life. Parang ang hirap, eh. Parang di ka na nagwowork. Parang you’re working on your own emotions na. It was difficult for me."

Dina also recalled getting advice from her director while filming, "Direk Mike [De Leon] was telling me, get closer to reality. Feel the role. Feel it.

"Kasi siyempre when you’re young wala ka pang nararamdamang hurts, mga tests in life.

"I guess this movie was the first movie when I truly could understand what being heartbroken was. What being hurt was. Dito sa movie na to una kong naintidihan at na feel kung ano talaga yun. Kasi it’s really happening in my life.

"Because I remember nga this movie was like the breaking point before we split up. After this, we split up na talaga, and then I joined Viva, that’s what I did."

Afterwards, Dina was able to star alongside Sharon Cuneta in Pati Pintig ng Puso, Nora Aunor in Tinik sa Dibdib, and Vilma Santos in Palimos ng Pagibig.

ON BEING HURT AND MOVING ON. In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Dina Bonnevie also recalled how she was able to cope with the difficult stages in her life, including her split with ex-husband Vic Sotto.


"My God, that’s long ago. I’ve moved on, I’m okay, I’m doing fine.

"I guess, hurt becomes really painful when you want it to hurt. Di ba when you’re so hurt, you could hardly swallow. Parang you’re getting choked and you can’t even swallow.

"And you don’t know it, but you can’t even stop the tears from falling.

"Ayun, di ba, especially when you’ve been jilted, ang sakit nun. And in this movie, jilted siya. Parang pinili niya yung iba, ang sakit nun, super.

"But when you begin to realize the test you’re going through, you begin to realize the lessons you need to learn from that hurt, you move on.

"And then you’re like somebody from the outside looking and you say, oh that was me, I was hurt because of this but that’s the past now, I’ve learned the lesson now, I’m going on to step number two.

"They say some lessons in life, keep repeating in life. You say, parang nangyari na to sa ex-boyfriend ko, ngayon na naman, paulit-ulit. Kasi you haven’t learned the lesson well. It will keep repeating itself until you learn the lesson well.

"I guess at the point, I learned the lesson well and said that I will not let that happen in my life again."

WISHLIST. Now that techonology is able to breathe new life into the classic Filipino films through digital restorations, Dina also has her own "wishlist," in hopes that her old movies might once again be shown on the big screen.


"I hope my movies with the great directors, Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal, Marilou Diaz Abaya. I wish those movies will be restored because these are masterpieces like Kabila ng Lahat, Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak.

"Ang dami kong movies with Lino Brocka. I was one of his favorites actually. I wish they would restore those movies. Kasi talagang maganda."

Dina also gave her insights on why the younger generation should also see these films, "I guess, you learn from the lessons from the movies from the past.

"Kasi you’ll see in this movie, iba naman yung values, it was that okay to be swapping pero ngayon it’s nothing new, I mean it happens, parang accepted na yun.

"Pero nung lumang panahon iba naman ang values ng mga tao, kaya iba rin mga values na dine-depict ng pelikula.

"And siguro naman you’ll also notice the quality of the film as opposed to one of the movies done this days na seven days lang, ten days, iba yung quality.

"I mean this is already restored, what more yung original."





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