You're My Boss, starring Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga, earns P100 million in six days

The Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga-starrer You're My Boss was able to earn P100 million in the box office in a span of six days.

In a span of six days, the romantic comedy film You're My Boss has grossed P100 million in the box office.

The announcement was revealed through Twitter by Star Cinema's AdProm director Roxy Liquigan on April 9 when he tweeted: "Hello P100m #YMB."

This movie is the first project featuring the tandem of Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga.

Directed by Antoinette Jadaone, You're My Boss features a story conceptualized by Celestine Gonzaga (the real name of Toni).

During a recent guest appearance in Gandang Gabi Vice, both Coco and Toni talked to Vice Ganda about their first movie together.

Toni said about her character, a marketing executive named Georgina: "Boss niya ako at para siyang personal runner ko.

"Pag nakita mo si Coco, parang napaka humble, napakababa ng loob...yung parang pwede mong i-bully."

Vice Ganda, a close friend of Coco who has known him even before he entered showbiz, pointed out: "Ay, sa totoong buhay, hindi mo pwede i-bully 'yan. Reresbakan ka niyan."

The TV host-comedian said he was surprised to see a different side of Coco since he was talking in English.

"Ako nga, matagal na kaming magkaibigan hindi ko yun nakikita yun kay Coco.

"Sosyal-sosyalan...ayaw niya kasi ng ganun. Ayaw niya ng pa-burgis."

Coco admitted, "Actually, hirap na hirap ako...minsan yung mga punchline namin, kay Toni galing."

In the movie, Coco's character is suddenly changed from being an assistant to being the "boss" of Toni's character.

How was he convinced to accept a role that transformed him into a executive?

"Hindi ko nga alam, eh. Sa pelikula na ito, tinodo ko na, e."

Toni then revealed, "Nakita ko kung paano magbihis si Coco dito."

Coco disclosed, "Pinaghubad nila ako!"

Toni added, "[Naghubad siya] sa kotse. Mapangahas siya dito."

Earlier this week, PEP learned from Star Cinema executives that You're My Boss was able to gross P65 million in a span of three days.

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