Piolo Pascual has partial butt exposure in Silong; Rhian Ramos describes Piolo as "love scene veteran"

Rhian Ramos on daring love scenes with Silong co-star Piolo Pascual: “It’s all on him. If the scene turns out well when you watch it, you can really attribute that to him. It was my first ever love scene. I’m happy it went to Piolo because he’s a veteran. He’s a love scene veteran!"

Piolo Pascual surprised the entertainment media with his partial butt exposure as seen in the special screening of the indie film, Silong, held at Greenbelt My Cinema this Friday, August 7.

“It’s not about sexiness or anything. It is what’s needed,” said Piolo, who admitted that it’s the most skin that he had shown so far on the big screen.

When PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked what made him agree to be daring in this project, Piolo shared that he did it out of respect for his acting craft.

“Honestly, it’s not to necessarily challenge myself to do things I’m not comfortable doing.

“But as an actor, I guess it’s my responsibility to just take on characters even myself would be surprised. I was definitely surprised [with the over-all outcome of the movie].”

Silong is directed by Roy Sevilla Ho and singer Jeffrey Hidalgo, an original member of the vocal group Smokey Mountain.

FIRST MOVIE TEAMUP. Silong showcases the first collaboration of Piolo and Rhian Ramos not only as lead stars but also as “stakeholders” or co-producers.

Piolo maintained that it shouldn’t be a big deal that he agreed to be paired with a Kapuso star since it’s an indie project after all.

“Napakaliit ng mundo. I enjoyed working with Rhian.

“It’s what’s given. It just landed on our laps. So, sabi ko, ‘Why not?’

“We all worked hard for it, waived our talent fees and just did it.

“It’s really a different sense of fulfillment when you know you’re doing something for the craft, not for the money or fame.”

Piolo also admitted that working with someone from other TV networks is a good change of pace and keeps him from getting bored with his work.

“Puwede naman po talaga. We all have liberty to a certain extent as to what we wanna do.


“I guess for me not to bore myself as an actor. Because we know the formulas, we know what we have to do. I’ve been doing it half my life.

“So, to do something like this. Wow, finally. I get to do something different.”

DARING LOVE SCENES. In a joint interview before the screening, Piolo revealed that his love scenes with Rhian can be described as “daring.”

Rhian, for her part, admitted that her mom was actually shocked when the latter saw snippets of the Kapuso star’s love scene with Piolo.

“We put a couple of daring scenes in the trailer. My mom was very shocked to see [it].

“It’s all on him [Piolo]. If the scene turns out well when you watch it, you can really attribute that to him.

“It was my first ever love scene. I’m happy it went to Piolo because he’s a veteran. He’s a love scene veteran!

“That’s probably one of the ones I was talking about earlier that I really needed help [with] and he gave it to me,” Rhian cheerfully stated.

Asked how he guided Rhian through their steamy scenes, Piolo answered: “When we’re doing it, she was really getting stressed…

“You have to, of course, sabi nga ni Rhian sanay tayo diyan. You know what to cover, what to not show.”

Rhian interjected that Piolo had been a complete gentleman throughout their shoot.

“Basta everytime Direk Jepoy [Jeffrey] would yell, ‘Cut!’

“Even before I can move, he was the first one to immediately cover me up. And he’s like, ‘Are you ok?’ the whole time. I’m like, ‘Wow! Thank you. I’m fine.’”

Piolo, in turn, found Rhian very easy to work with, saying she has no complaints about working long hours on the set.


“She’s a trooper. Sobrang bait sa set, walang pakialam sa cut-off.

“Kaya masarap kasi we’re all just having fun, just being open and just enjoying the vibe of the set.

“Masarap katrabaho si Rhian kasi alam mong you’re on the same page. You wanna give it your best.”

Piolo also gave credit to directors Jeffrey and Roy for coming up with a romance-thriller that would surely keep moviegoers in suspense until the very last scene.

“It’s nice to collaborate with the young ones because they’re very open, they’re very fresh, they have many creative ideas.

“And ang sarap ‘cause as much as you’re free, you also have to respect their idea, their vision.

“Ang ganda ng collaboration, ang ganda ng effort because you realize na as long as pare-pareho kayo ng intention na lumabas na maganda, lalabas na maganda [yung pelikula],” Piolo concluded.

Showing on August 14, Silong is the closing film of the 2015 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

This year's edition (with screenings being held at CCP and Greenbelt) will run until August 15.

(To learn more about the 11th edition of Cinemalaya, read: Cinemalaya 2015 reboots film fest with hopes of reaching neighboring countries; plans to expand reach through YouTube, pay per view option)





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