Direk Gino Santos on Piolo Pascual and Dawn Zulueta: "Kabadong-kabado ako."

Director Gino Santos (rightmost) admits feeling tense when he found out that he will be working with Dawn Zulueta (second from left) and Piolo Pascual in Love Me Tomorrow. He said, "At first, I was so nervous. Kabadong-kabado ako siyempre." Coleen Garcia also topbills this Star Cinema movie.

Director Gino Santos is helming his second film with Star Cinema, Love Me Tomorrow, which opens on May 25.

This will be the third time that he will be working with Coleen Garcia, who is the lead star of his previous films: the Cinemalaya entry #Y and the 2015 sexy film Ex with Benefits.

Since Love Me Tomorrow also stars Dawn Zulueta and Piolo Pascual, the 26-year-old director admitted that he felt tense before filming.

Direk Gino, “At first, I was so nervous. Kabadong-kabado ako siyempre.

“Sanay po ako mag-work with teenagers. I do coming-of-age films, mga teenybopper films.

“That’s why I know Coleen [Garcia] kasi siya yung nag-star sa #Y.

“Nabigla ako when they gave me Miss Dawn and Piolo kasi siyempre Dawn and Piolo ito.”

But then, everything changed when the cameras started rolling.

“How is it working with them? It’s so much fun.

“Sobrang light lang ng set namin, we exchange music on the set.

“Sobrang ang daming playtime natin and sobrang light lang. Good vibes sa set.”

MAY-DECEMBER AFFAIR. Love Me Tomorrow presents a topic that is not commonly portrayed in Philippine cinema: May-December affairs.

According to Direk Gino, this makes the movie more interesting to watch.

“We’ve never seen it in the Filipino setting before and it’s very new, dito sa Filipino culture natin, kahit papaano taboo siya.

“When it was pitched to me, I said it was an interesting story because you see personalities also na ganon ang relationship, ganoon ang age difference and no one seems to care. And I thought na it’s very timely.


“And we’re in this age na everything is possible and I just wanted to explore that kind of love story. Someone older, someone younger.

“Sino ba pipiliin mo, are you gonna go for someone more mature? Or someone younger?

“And I thought that would be a great conflict. Kung ano ba yung pipiliin ng puso mo, yung age ba or yung totoong pagmamahal. And I think it’s more important to show."

He then explains the plight of Cristy, the character played by Dawn who falls in love with JC, played by Piolo.

“Well in the film, ang daming scenarios because it is a coming-of-age film, especially for Dawn.

“She experiences a music festival, she opens her eyes to a bigger world which is so different from the day and age now.

“So she just opens her eyes to the generation now through the eyes of Piolo and Coleen.

“So ma-e-experience niya yung whole millennial world that she’s never experienced before and mai-in love siya sa world na yun.”

Direk Gino hopes that Love Me Tomorrow will pave the way for new kinds of love stories on film and TV, especially now that people are now more open-minded about May-December affairs.

He said, “Sa totoo lang, siyempre may mga titas kang alam, you have titos like this.

“So I don’t think that it’s super taboo. But it is taboo and you haven’t seen it before in Philippine cinema.

“But people are open about it now and I think this will open new love stories, not just in cinema but in TV, or a different script.


“So ayon, yun yung bago and I hope people will appreciate it.”





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