Reasons why we will miss Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

It's still difficult to accept that Hugh Jackman is ending his run as Wolverine with Logan after he confirmed it last week in an Instagram post.

After all, next to the animated version clad in a yellow suit and a mask, Jackman's snarling, claw-fisted, hairy faced Wolverine fits the character to a T—except for his towering height, maybe.

Before we totally say goodbye to the live-action Wolverine we've known since 2000, allow us to indulge in the reasons why we will miss Hugh Jackman as the big man.

  1. We will miss seeing his ripped body in all its glory.

Come on. Whoever will replace him has a lot of working out to do.

  1. He growls like no other.

Who else can sound like an animal but still look this good?

  1. He's still ridiculously charming even in a cameo role where the only thing he has to say is “Go fuck yourself.”

Yes, we're talking about that little scene-stealer in X-Men: First Class (2011).

  1. We'll miss the outrageous sideburns.

You have to admit that you sometimes get the urge to stroke it. Sadly, now is the time to shave them off.

  1. We'll miss seeing his stunts.

Apparently, he did most of his own stunts and even almost injured a cameraman with his claws.

  1. His ad-libs are just genius.

His line in the first X-Men movie, “What do they call you, Wheels?” was actually supposed to be, “What do they call you, Baldie?”

  1. Even his bloopers are amazing.

(Check out: Days of Future Past)

(Also those in The Wolverine)

PEPsters, what will you miss most about Hugh Jackman's Wolverine?





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