Luis Manzano seen holding hands with Jessy Mendiola at Mano Po 7 premiere

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Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola were seen holding hands during premiere night of Mano Po 7: Chinoy last December 9, 2016. This movie starring Richard Yap, Jean Garcia, Janella Salvador, and Enchong Dee will be shown in cinemas starting December 14, 2016.

Luis Manzano showed support for his rumored girlfriend Jessy Mendiola during the premiere night of Mano Po 7: Chinoy.

The red-carpet event was held last December 9 at SM Megamall Cinema 9.

The actor-TV host wasn't able to walk at the red carpet, but he was spotted by members of the press inside the cinema.

Luis and Jessy were seen holding hands when they left the cinema together after the screening.

In the film, Jessy was cast as Jocelyn, a young lady who got addicted to drugs and met Enchong Dee's character inside a rehabilitation center.

Mano Po 7: Chinoy
, which opens in cinemas on December 14, is topbilled by Richard Yap. He plays the business tycoon Wilson Wong who became too focused on his business that he lost time for his family.

His loving wife Deborah was portrayed by Jean Garcia, who also owns a jewelry shop but makes time and effort to be with her kids and to be a good wife to Wilson.

During the screening, fans screamed everytime Richard and Jean had sweet scenes together.

Enchong plays Son-son, the eldest son and problem child of Wilson and Deborah. Son-son became addicted to drugs and was forced to enter the rehab.

Janella Salvador, on the other hand, is the dutiful middle daughter of the Wong family. She was forced by her father to study the cello as her major for her music course, but she really wanted to major on voice.

In this movie, Janella was reunited with Marlo Mortel, her former love team partner in Be Careful With My Heart and Oh My G!

Marlo portrays Henry, Janella's classmate in music school who has feelings for her.

Jake Cuenca plays Marco, a man who will have a forbidden relationship with Deborah after meeting her in the jewelry shop.


Kean Cipriano was cast as Janella's professor in music school.

Child wonder Jana Agoncillo played the youngest daughter of Deborah and Wilson while Rebecca Chuaunsu (right) portrayed Wilson's mother.

Jessy's mother Didith Gravida was also seen walking at the red carpet during the premiere.

Jake, Kean, and Richard posed for photographers before the screening at SM Megamall Cinema 9.

Enchong and Jessy were reunited in Mano Po 7 as partners. The two were first paired in Your Song presents Boystown in 2009 and for the movie The Reunion in 2012.

Before the red carpet screening, the cast members had a parade inside SM Megamall with dragon dancers.

Produced by Regal Films, Mano Po 7: Chinoy is directed by Ian Lorenos. The filmmaker was not present at the premiere night to prepare for his wedding the following day.





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