Liza Soberano on viral "pangit" dialogue: "May mga minumura pa nga po ako!"

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Liza Soberano was surprised when her "Pangit ba ako?" line in My Ex and Whys trailer went viral. She said with a laugh: "May mga minumura pa nga po ako, wala daw po akong karapatang magtanong!"

Liza Soberano was surprised when her dialogue in the upcoming movie My Ex and Whys became viral.

In the last part of the film's full trailer, Liza's character Cali asked Enrique Gil's character Gio why he cheated on her.

She asked, "Am I not enough? Pangit ba ako? Kapalit-palit ba ako?"

Known as having one of the prettiest faces in show business, Liza uttering this line became a source of new memes and witty tweets from netizens.

When (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and YES! Magazine asked Liza and Enrique about this, the love team partners gave a quick laugh.

Liza laughed harder when she revealed the reactions she got when her dialogue went viral.

She said in jest, "May mga minumura pa nga po ako, wala daw po akong karapatang magtanong!"

However, she admitted that she did not expect that the line would go viral on the Internet.

"Nakakatuwa po. Hindi ko nga po naisip na yun yung magiging viral na line ko, e.


"Kasi may isa pa akong line, pero tinanggal na siya sa movie, kasi hindi yata pwede, MTRCB."

She was referring to the government agency Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, which is supposed to classify movies but, in practice, censors.

Incidentally, this is the reason why calling the MTRCB by its old monicker, the censors board, is accurate today.

Here are some tweets of netizens about Liza's viral line in the movie:

PEP and YES! interviewed the LizQuen love team before their performance at the Ajinomoto Umami Culinary Contest at Philippine Trade Center earlier today, January 27.

TOPLESS ENRIQUE. When the first teaser was released, some netizens pointed out that the LizQuen tandem showed a little more sensuality in this project.

Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, this Star Cinema film will be shown in cinemas starting Feburary 15, 2017.

The said scene required them to be locked up inside a closet where Quen (nickname of Enrique) went topless.


The 24-year-old actor disclosed that he was not prepared to show his body at the time.

He exclaimed, "Hindi nga prepared yun, e! Biglaan yun so hindi masyadong prepared.

"Biglaan kasi so whatever was there, yun na. Pero it's a really fast scene."


In fact, this scene became the key for the build-up of their characters Gio and Cali.

He continued, "Sa simula lang yun, it's very short, dun kami magkakakilala."

Liza admitted that she had a hard time shooting that scene.

"Alam mo yung parang intimate siya pero it's quirky at the same time, hindi siya ganoon ka sensual. Nahirapan ako!"


How did Quen make her feel at ease?

The 19-year-old actress answered, "Pinapatawa niya ako!"

Enrique remarked, "Well, kaya naman niya."

During the story conference of the movie last September, Liza revealed to PEP that she will not have a kissing scene in the movie.

Five months later, has her decision changed?


Liza clarified, "Hindi pa naman po."

Enrique joked, "Hindi pa. [Baka] in the next seventy-five years!"

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