Why Agot Isidro and Anna Luna had to do their lesbian scene over and over again

Agot Isidro (second from left) on sensitive scene with Changing Partners leading lady Anna Luna: "May tongue involved!" Agot described what happened when Sandino Martin (right frame) slapped her butt for their love scene.  

For the first time, Agot Isidro portrays a lesbian on the big screen.

She is cast as the gay female lover of Anna Luna in the movie musical Changing Partners.

Based on a musical play of the same title by Vincent De Jesus, Changing Partners begins with Alex and Cris celebrating their first anniversary as a live-in couple.

The two have a 15-year age gap and their differences become even more pronounced as they examine their complicated relationship.

Alex is played by Agot and Jojit Lorenzo, while the younger Cris is played by Sandino Martin and Anna.

During a PEP Talk interview held on January 25 at the Summitmedia office, Agot spoke to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about their movie that was first shown as an entry in the 2916 Cinema One Originals film fest.

Agot said about her character, "Kami ni Jojit, we play Alex. Ako hetero female in a relationship with a younger guy.

"I also play a gay female in a relationship with a younger female, played by Anna."

Anna continued to describe the movie by saying, "Kami ni Sandino Martin, kami ang gumaganap na Cris, yung mas bata sa relationship."

Jojit then explained, "It's basically two characters: si Alex at si Cris. Two characters na nagkakaroon ng permutations of four couples.

"Hindi ito about infidelity na ako lumilipat from Anna to Sandino."

Agot added: "It's a love story between two persons, seen in four different perspectives."

When asked about her kissing scene with Anna, the Asintado actress exclaimed: "Maraming takes yun, ah!


"Hindi natuwa si Direk Dan sa previous takes. Medyo maraming takes yun."

Why did Direk Dan ask them to do the scenes over and over again?

"Hindi siya convinced.

"May lesbian na nandun sa set at tinatanong ni Direk Dan, 'okay ba yun sa iyo?'

"[Sagot niya], 'hindi, e.' Kaya paulit-ulit."

Anna disclosed that in the play, there was no kissing scene between the two females.

Directed by Dan Villegas, Changing Partners will open in cinemas on January 31, 2018.

Did Agot have second thoughts about doing this sensitive scene with another woman?

"May apprehensions kami ni Anna dun sa scene. [Sabi ko], Direk, paano kung ganito yung gagawin?'

"Then si Direk Dan sabi niya, 'Sige, pakita.'

"Sige, sabi ko, gagawin na lang namin sa take.

"Kaya ang dami, dami, daming takes. [Sasabihin ni Direk Dan], okay lang pero isa pa, isa pa."

Is this her first time to do a sensitive scene with another girl?

"Oo, e. First time. Actually, hindi siya kiss. May tongue involved!" Agot said with a laugh.

She recalled being frustrated since they were asked to do their scene over and over again.

"Ano bang gusto ni Direk Dan? Kasi ilang beses na. Ito namang si Anna, quiet lang.

"Nung take na, tinodo ko na. Si Anna, yung mukha niya...sinasabi niya, 'Ewww... Saan pupunta 'yan?'

"Kaya napaka-natural ng mukha ni Anna."

When it came to shooting her love scene with Sandino, Agot narrated, "Sinabi niya sa akin, 'Ms. A, may gagawin ako sa iyo ha.'


"Sabi ko, 'gawin mo lang.' Sabi niya, 'Huwag ka magugulat.'"

As part of their intimate scene, Sandino slapped Agot's butt!

The actress continued, "In character naman kami. Para maganda, very spontaneous."

It took less time for Agot to shoot this intimate scene with Sandino.

"Mabilis lang. Sinabi lang ni Direk Dan, gusto ko parang may power struggle kayo. May struggle kayo: you want to be on top, he wants to be on top.

"Very short. Kaya nung sabi ni Direk Dan tapos na, kami ni Sandino yung nagsabi, 'Ay, tapos na?'"

Would she accept another lesbian role in the future?

"Depende sa project kasi ito talagang gustong-gusto ko yung project. Depende sa material."

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