Angelica jokingly tells Carlo Aquino: "Hindi ka na pwede makipag-love scene sa iba!"

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Angelica Panganiban on team-up with Carlo Aquino: "Kailangan ingatan itong team-up na ito, e!"

Exes Baggage, the first movie of Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino, has reached another box-office milestone. 

According to the latest update of ABS-CBN Films' subsidiary Black Sheep, Exes Baggage earned P270 million as of October 9 (3 p.m.). The movie earned this amount in a span of 14 days. 

In the thanksgiving press conference of the CarGel movie, Angelica admitted that Carlo felt awkward when they shot their first love scene for Exes Baggage.

A blogger asked Carlo and Angelica if they felt awkward doing their intimate scenes for the film.

Angelica pointed out that they did not feel awkward when they shot one of the sensitive scenes.

"Yung sa sofa hindi na. Hindi, e, ano? Masaya na kami noon."

Carlo then asked her, "Yung mga una ba, hindi?"

She then disclosed, "Noong mga una, siya, naiilang siya."

How did Carlo overcome the awkwardness?

He explained, "Noong mga una lang. Inano naman niya ako na, 'Okay lang yan, ako lang naman ito."

For Angelica's part, she said about their love scene in a later interview, "Hindi, nag-enjoy ako! Naman! I love it! I want to do it again!"

In one of their bed scenes, Carlo went topless and bared his abs.

What was Angelica's reaction upon seeing Carlo's toned body?

"Di ko tinignan, ayoko ng mga ganun!"

With the success of Exes Baggage and the comeback of Carlo and Angelica as a love team, the two were also asked if there will be changes in terms of their career.

Angelica and Carlo answered the question in a lighthearted manner.

The 31-year-old actress answered, "Sa restrictions siguro, baka ngayon, kailangan nag-a-agree na kami sa project.

"Kasi alam mo, kailangan ingatan itong team-up na ito, e!"

Angelica then told Carlo, "Alam mo, hindi ka na pwede makipag-love scene sa iba. Hindi pwede, naku, Diyos ko! Bawal."


Carlo retaliated by saying, "Holding hands lang pwede sa 'yo, ha!"

However, Angelica argued, "Ay naku, hindi na, ongoing na yung Playhouse!"

Playhouse is the Kapamilya daytime series of Angelica where she is paired with Zanjoe Marudo.

Carlo exclaimed with a laugh, "Alam mo 'yan si Zanjoe talaga! Bi-bingo na yung hayup na 'yan, ha!"

Turning serious, Angelica said, "Ako, baka hindi ako makipag ano... yung next film ko, pang family, wala akong ka-love team. Ayoko ng issue!"

She then jokingly told Carlo, "Baka tumanggap ako, sexy! Sexy ko pa naman ngayon!"

Angelica also revealed the observations of her friends and family members when they watched Exes Baggage.

"Maraming na-yummy-han kay Carlo!

"Actually, yung mga texts noong mga kamag-anak ko at saka mga friends, ganun, e. 'Grabe ang yummy.' Isa yun sa dami ng comments na nababasa ko, na yummy-han!" she said about her ex-boyfriend.


With the success of the CarGel film, are there already plans of another Angelica-Carlo movie?

Angelica answered, "Wala pa. Kasi kumbaga anong buwan na ngayon October na.

"Sa ganitong panahon talaga nagtatapos ng project kasi patapos ang taon.

"Usually, nagsa-start, January hanggang March talaga. Kasi hanggang MMFF, sarado na ngayon, e. Wala na talagang chance na makagawa kami ng project this year."

However, Angelica divulged that Carlo is already taping for a recurring role in Playhouse.

In an interview after the presscon, Angelica and Carlo were asked if they gave gifts to each other for the success of their film.

Carlo answered, "Wala pa, e."

Angelica quipped, "Ako, malaki na nagastos ko noong shooting. Magaling kaya magparinig 'yan. Madami na!"

Carlo looked at the shoes that he was wearing that day and said, "Tinitignan ko, di ko suot, e."

Angelica then narrated how Carlo would check shoes on Instagram and tell her, "Ang mahal naman nito!"


She said about her gift to Carlo: "Mabait kasi ako, hindi ako marupok. Ayokong nase-stress yung leading man ko."

Carlo revealed, "At saka di lang naman ako binigyan niya, si Zanjoe din!"

Angelica reasoned out, "Alam mo sa mga leading man, 'yan ang nireregalo ko. Ano bang ano mo? Size mo? Siyempre, give kang shoes."

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