Liza Soberano reveals her biggest fear about Valentine movie with Enrique

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Liza Soberano says about Alone/Together, her 2019 Valentine movie with Enrique Gil: "Hindi rin namin alam kung andyan pa ba yung mga dating nanonood sa 'min to support us."

Liza Soberano fears that her comeback movie with Enrique Gil, Alone/Together, will not get the same positive feedback as their previous films, all of which did well in the box office.

Considered to be one of today’s most popular love team, the LizQuen love team top-billed blockbuster hits, namely: My Ex and Whys (2017), Everyday I Love You (2015), and Just The Way You Are (2015).

Liza explains that from the very beginning, she and Enrique knew that accepting the project would be a risk.

However, she says they are proud that they took on the challenge of starring in this project.

“When we read the story, wala pa siyang ending and it’s completely different from anything else we’ve ever done,” said the actress at the pocket press conference last January 30.

While that statement sounded cliché, Liza differentiates this project from the ones they did in the past:

“Eto talaga it’s not something we’re used to doing kasi [we used to do] romantic comedies, something that’s a bit lighter that doesn’t deal with emotions as heavy as the emotions that our characters Christine and Raf that we’ll be portraying.


“I’m just proud that we said yes and that we weren’t afraid of accepting it despite how difficult we knew how it was going to be, and how different it would be kasi every time we do a movie, hindi naman namin alam ang reaction ng tao.”

Alone/Together, directed by Antoinette Jadaone, will open in cinemas on February 13, 2019.

The ABS-CBN actress pointed out: “With this one, medyo may takot naman talaga kami na baka magulat sila na; hindi ito tulad ng ginagawa namin dati.

“And since it’s our comeback film, hindi rin namin alam kung andyan pa ba yung mga dating nanonood sa ‘min to support us.”

Liza says that Alone/Together does not only focus on a love story, but also about important life lessons.

“Makaka-relate sila or babalik sila sa memories nila sa struggles in their college days; of figuring out who they want to be.


“Yung iba sure na sila na, ‘Eto yung gusto kong mangyari pero it doesn’t turn out that way.

“Sana lalabas sila ng cinemas realizing na they’re more than their mistakes and that there’s always a way to turn it around. Maybe not in the way you envision it pero something even better.”




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