Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano’s characters have a mix-up in Who’s That Girl?

The characters of Luis Manzano and Anne Curtis have a case of mistaken identity in the romantic comedy Who’s That Girl? Directed by Wenn Deramas, this movie will open in cinemas starting March 2, 2011.


"Real life best friends Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano get romantic on the silver screen in Who’s That Girl, Viva’s first offering for 2011. Directed by MMFF 2010 Best Director Wenn V. Deramas, the genius behind giant blockbuster movies, like the Ang Tanging Ina trilogy and Petrang Kabayo, this movie collaboration with award-winning writer Ms. Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario shows how people can create an impact in our lives, and how a single mistake can be life-altering.

"Anne Curtis is Bea, a wallflower, while Luis Manzano is John Eduque, a campus heartthrob who is Bea’s ultimate crush. John hardly takes notice of Bea. But one day at her lowest, John surprisingly gives Bea a pep talk. This becomes life-changing for her.

"Bea transforms into a beautiful and successful career woman and John remains her dream man. So when she reads his name in the obituary, Bea is shattered with grief and goes to the wake in hysterics to the shock of everyone. It turns out that the deceased is John Eduque Sr., John’s father. Realizing her mistake, Bea hurriedly leaves, unaware of the damage she has caused especially on the widow, played by Eugene Domingo. Thinking that Bea is the mistress of the deceased, Mrs. Eduque succumbs to depression. Seeing his mother’s misery, John looks for Bea to rectify the situation. But the revenge ploy backfires as he falls in love with her. Fearing his mother’s reaction becomes a dilemma.

"Renowned artists Ms. Dina Bonnevie, Dennis Padilla, and Candy Pangilinan render their support in this feel-good movie. Also starring DJ Durano, Dino Imperial, Abby Bautista, Nadine Lustre, Bobby Yan, Joy Viado, Ricky Rivero, Mac-Mac, and John Lapus.

"Who’s That Girl opens in theaters on March 2, 2011. Produced by Viva Films and co-presented by SM Development Corporation."

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