Dennis Trillo, Jake Cuenca, Lovi Poe, and Carla Abellana challenged to be as sensual and daring as possible in My Neighbor’s Wife

"So pag naghalikan hindi puwedeng pa-sweet, di ba? I’m talking of laplapan, ’yong hinihingi ko, kasi mag-asawa sila, matagal nang mag-asawa," said Direk Jun Lana about the passionate kissing scenes in Regal’s upcoming movie My Neighbor’s Wife. The movie is topbilled by (from left) Lovi Poe, Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana and Jake Cuenca. (

Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Jake Cuenca and Carla Abellana will topbill a story of love, deception and infidelity in Regal Entertainment’s upcoming movie, My Neighbor’s Wife.

Jake and Carla play husband and wife while Dennis and Lovi portray lovers. All four are friends but their friendship turns sour when Lovi engages Jake in sex.

Since the theme of My Neighbor’s Wife involves marital infidelity, viewers can expect daring scenes that the four stars have never done before.

Each of them went beyond their limitations to do the required steamy, sexy scenes.

Of the four lead stars, Lovi is described as the most daring since she showed skin in torrid love scenes with Dennis and Jake.

Carla, who has a wholesome image after starring in GMA-7’s fantaserye Magic Palayok, dared to bare enough of herself while romancing Jake and Dennis on screen. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to witness the last location shoot of the lead stars at the Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus in Resorts World Manila last August 12.

Direk Jun points out that this is his first time to shoot a non-horror film for Regal Entertainment. He previously helmed horror flicks such as Tarot (2009) and Mag-ingat Ka sa Kulam (2008).

"I’m really proud of this film kasi na-manage nang mabuti ng cast ko ang mga role nila.

"Talagang pinag-aralan nila nang mabuti. Ang gagaling kasi ng mga artista ko, e, they know where they coming from, familiar sila with their roles agad.


"’Yong chemistry talaga nila, hindi mo na matatawaran, e. So walang kahirap-hirap as far as getting that best performance from the actual script is concerned."

Direk Jun also added, "Saka ang maganda dito wala talagang sapawan, which is ’yon talaga ang iniwasan namin from the first place.

"It also helped na mag-best of friends in real life si Jake at Dennis. Si Carla and Lovi naman mag-friends na rin dahil nga they came from the same network.

"It’s an opportunity to work with these four ng sabay!"

What’s the biggest challenge while doing your film?

"Ang challenge na lang namin ’yong binabagyo kami, inuulan kami, na-ipoipo kami sa Subic, parang delubyo ’yong nangyari do’n.

He added, "The love scenes of course. ’Yong love scene naman its always a challenge, e. Ah, because some of the love scenes na-shoot namin, medyo na-awkward sila no’ng una kasi hindi pa nga sila nakakagawa masyadong nakakagawa ng eksena sa una.

"Pero natutuwa ako kasi they are very professional—in the beginning they were a little nervous, a little awkward, e, kahit naman ako siyempre nenerbyosin ako.

How did you help them?

"Siyempre as a director dapat let them feel that they’re safe and make sure that you’ll make them feel comfortable with what they’re doing; prior to the scene naman I explain to them what they should do, I made sure that they understand my vision.

"And really make sure that they feel really safe especially na sa mga babae. And it’s important for me to get the passion. ’Yong passion nila for each other, ’yong chemistry, kailangan makita ko talaga ’yon.


Direk explained, "So pag naghalikan hindi puwedeng pa-sweet, di ba? I’m talking of laplapan, ’yong hinihingi ko, kasi mag-asawa sila, matagal nang mag-asawa.

"So they’re very comfortable with each other na kahit halikan pa nila ’yong kili-kili, walang-wala, hindi ka magiging awkward," he quipped.

How did you work on their chemistry?

"Prior to the actual shoot, nagkaroon kami ng rehearsal. We had a script reading then we had a one day rehearsal because I wanted to see if...they would really gel as a group.

"Hindi lang couple ’yong concerned ko e, pati, well the four of them, they have to convince viewers that they’re not just friends but best of friends.

"Sa one day rehearsal din na ’yon we tackled the most dramatic scenes para makita ko rin how are they going to interpret the roles because as a director I have my own vision but of course I respect kung ano ’yong nakikita nilang kung paano i-portray ang bawat character.

How did you choose your cast? Did you have auditions?

"Of course, we had a short list pero sa short list na ’yon sila talaga ’yong top priority ko and I was hoping talaga na makukuha ko.

"Sila na talaga ’yong apat na ’yon pero kundi sila meron namang sana ’ito’ pero sana sila ’yong makuha ko, and ang saya-saya ko talaga no’ng nakuha ko sila.

Direk Jun also recalled, "Also ’yong final confrontation no’ng apat na harap-harap sila and bawat isa may kanya-kanyang character.


"It took us almost four or five hours to shoot that, isang scene lang na ’yon because they were coming from different places and emotions.

"People will be surprised, will be amazed by the kind of performances they gave in this movie. It’s a very intelligent performance."

What’s in store for the viewers in My Neighbor’s Wife?

"As a director, I’m very passionate for this project. Kasi I’ve done TV shows na, so I wanted something edgy and different when it comes sa film na.

"So when this film came, I knew it was edgy agad that’s why I accepted it.

"I think My Neighbor’s Wife is a very intelligent…I mean it tackles the issue of marital infidelity. Of course there’s a part na sasabihin ng mga tao na papanoorin niya ito kasi napaka-sexy, ang daming aabangan, first time mag-two piece ni Carla, nakipaghalikan, ’yong sex scenes.

"’Yong love scenes nila Jake and Lovi, Carla and Dennis, lahat ng passable love scenes, lahat ng klaseng love scenes siguro makikita nila sa pelikulang ito.

"But more than that I think it’s really the story. Ahm…there’s a twist in the end which I think that is going to either shock, confuse, about definitely people would be talking about that twist.

"Kasi pag tiningnan mo ’oh yeah this is about two couples, best of friends,’ and then nagkaroon ng gulo kasi ’yong dalawang magkaibigan niloko nila ’yong mga asawa nila, parang gano’n lang siya e.


"It’s just a trailer, it’s just a teaser but definitely there’s more to it, aabangan nila ’yon sa kuwento."

My Neighbor’s Wife is scheduled to open in cinemas nationwide by September 14.





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