"Bakbakan Na!" is Kala's warcry for new online game WarRock

Kala's vocalist Mike Grape gets the gaming crowd pumping by performing the official warcry of WarRock: "Bakbakan Na." The band performed for gaming enthusiasts during the Amped Fest 2007, held at the Trinoma Mall Activity Center last September 1.

Kala, one of rising bands of 2007, hooks up with WarRock tosing its official war cry. The band has just been signed up to sing the official theme song of WarRock, the new first-person shooter game developed by Amped Games.

The game's commercial launch last September 1 at Trinoma Mall becamea gathering for gaming enthusiasts who were given the chance to try the new game WarRock for free by using the computer terminals set up at the Activity Center of the mall.

Gamers were also given the chance to show off their skills and rack uppoints to be part of the team to represent thePhilippines in the world championship to be held in Korea this December.

The country's newestonline first-person shooter game published by Amped Games saw it fit to useKala's "Bakbakan Na," culled from the band's debut album Manila High. During the launch, dubbed as Amped Fest 2007, the band performed "Bakbakan Na" and gave their own rendition of VST's"Rock Baby Rock."

The band Kala was formed in 2005 by bandmembers JP Tanchanco (guitars) and brother Brian Tanchanco (keys and synths),Raymond Daylo (drums), Lyle Pasco (bass) and Mike Grape (vocals). In 2006, they released the album Manila High under Sony BMG, which carries their first hit single"Jeepney" and "Bakbakan Na." The band's brand of music offers a mix of acid jazz,groove, OPM, and classic rock that is reminiscent of the '70s.

"Actually, 'Bakbakan Na' is really a fight song,"explains JP Tanchanco, guitarist of Kala. "When we created [Bakbakan Na],it's the story of the fight scene. It's like our war song."


"We feel honored," says Brian Tanchanco, keysand synths of Kala, about their recent venture in the online gaming world. "We can now share that warcry with everyone."

JP also adds that what makes "Bakbakan Na" fit in WarRockeven better is because it's basically a warcry; their warcry—their angst expressed in a harmonized song wherein the listener can feel the energy, but stillstay calm and controlled.

Developed by Korean company Dream Execution Technology,WarRock is a fresh alternative to online games since it lets the players feelthe adrenaline-pumping rush of modern-day warfare as they battle it out inland, air, and water (they also get to duke it out with tanks, planes, andmotorbikes at their disposal!). Similar to Counter-Strike, the game offers a wider range of realistic weapons and battle modes.





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