Martin Nievera's "Milestones" documents his 25 years in showbiz

Martin Nievera marks his 25th anniversary in the business byreleasing a new 2-disc CD aptly titled Milestones under EMI RecordsPhilippines.

Itwas in 1982 when a young man named Martin Nievera released his debut recordtitled Martin... Take One, which achieved platinum status in the span ofonly five months.

Now,after 25 years and numerous awards and achievements, plus personal tribulationsto boot, Martin continues to commemorate a stellar career that is nothing butinspiring.

Tocelebrate his silver anniversary in the industry, The Concert King releases a2-disc CD, Milestones, under EMI Records Philippines.

"Ithas 25 tracks which represents 25 years of music in my life," said Martinabout his latest project while sipping a cup of tea at the Discovery Suiteslast September 12.

Ofcourse, such a limited number of songs won't be enough to represent Martin'slife and career, given that the man is considered an icon in music known forhis versatility and spontaneous gift of gab.

Whatwould he consider to be the milestones in his life?

"Milestonesin my life? Let's see," Martin pondered, when asked to enumerate somehighlights of his personal and professional life.

"There'sactually a lot. And each one is different from the other. But regardless if itsgood or bad, I still treat it as an important event since it made me the personI am today," he told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interviewduring the album launch at Discovery Suites in Ortigas.

"Anda lot of times, I had to learn the hard way," he added, with a slightgrin.

Arrangedchronologically on the year of its release, Martin personalized each track byputting a note (in a journal like fashion) to give the listeners a general ideaon what he was going through during that period.


Tracksthat made it into the album were Martin's favorites like "Forever," "Hard Habitto Break," "‘Til My Heartache Ends," "Forevermore," "Time of My Life," theSantana and Rob Thomas collaboration "Smooth," Aiza Seguerra's acoustic smashhit "Pagdating ng Panahon," Jimmy Bondoc's "Let Me Be The One," and CelineDion's "My Heart Will Go On."

Alsoincluded is the touching live version of Martin's early hit, "Be My Lady," andone of his most beloved tune, "You Are My Song."

"Mylife has been a roller coaster ride and everything is in this album. Fromhappiness, love, passion, heartbreak... everything," stressed Martin.

Beingsomeone who has found success despite the many challenges along the way, MartinNievera is definitely the best person to transmit all these universal emotions.And his Milestones CD is the best way to document his colorful journeyfrom being an ordinary singer to becoming the country's Concert King.





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