Rico Blanco releases his new single titled "Yugto"

Rico Blanco's new single, "Yugto," marks hisreturn to the music scene as a solo artist after his separation from the OPMband Rivermaya. He is expected to release his debut album under WarnerMusic Philippines this July.

As implied by the title of his new single "Yugto," RicoBlanco is embarking on a new chapter in his life. The former frontman of theOPM band Rivermaya has just released his new single as part of his comeback asa solo artist.

Following his one-year hiatus from the local music scene during which he touredthe United States and Europe, Rico emerges as a bolder artist who dares toexperiment on different sounds and create a new kind of music that reflects allthat he has learned from the world. In his first album as a solo artist, heshowcases more of his talent as the producer, songwriter, collaborator, andperformer of his new songs.

In "Yugto," he passionately interprets an epic battle in aman's heart, echoing his quest for the meaning of his existence and his viewson the world. Rico bares his maturity and fearlessness inthe song's mid-eastern flavored chord progression intro that erupts into ananthemic song that speaks about the complexity of human emotions. Packed with emotion and sentiments, "Yugto" presents a different Rico Blanco withoutsacrificing his remarkable ability to connect with a wide range of audiencesthrough music.

Asked about his thoughts on "Yugto," Rico simplyreplies, "I can't wait to play the song live." This is the first of a series ofsingles from Rico Blanco as a solo artist, whose debut album is scheduled to bereleased under Warner Music Philippines this July.





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