Robin Nievera says about his music: "I am not commercial enough, unlike my parents."

Robin Nievera (rightmost) is photographed with his famous parents, Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez. Robin recalls: "When I started my singing career at 21, many people wanted me to sing like my dad. But I can't. I don't sound like him."

Robin Nievera is one singer who will admit that he is not a “sellable” singer.

In a recent press launch for his album titled Dare, the eldest son of Concert King Martin Nievera and Concert Queen Pops Fernandez honestly says that he took a risk in coming up with a new album.

The launch, which was organized for an independent recording label called Homeworkz, was held at Runner's Kitchen (along Tomas Morato Avenue) in Quezon City.

“This is actually my third album. The first two didn’t really sell and that does not upset me because I know for a fact that I am not commercial enough, unlike my parents.

“But I believe that there are musicians and singers like me who are into these kinds of music that I make.

“I never told anyone that I was coming out with this album. I make my own music. Once someone tells me that my song is not sellable or it will not work, it totally destroys the whole meaning of that song.

“But that will not stop me from going on. I wrote eight songs for my album. I have friends who who helped me master the album.

“It was hard to market my first two albums. This one, I will try to market it in the most creative different way and to make it as entertaining as possible.

“It’s a big risk for me but I hope it will inspire a lot of new singers that will come out with their albums in the future.

“There are eight songs and in coming months, one single is released and we’re doing it in different ways for people to be aware that there’s a new song from my album and that I am still here and singing!”

The first single to be released from the Dare album is titled "No More Light."

The story behind the song began when Robin had a gig and his audience was mostly tables and chairs.

“It happened last year. It was gig in a coffee shop. I accepted it because it was work and I needed the money.

“It was two sets and I’m going to be paid like 3,000 pesos a set. It was okay. It was work.

“I never prepare for a gig. I just brought my laptop and downloaded 20 songs.

“When I got there, there were three ladies in the restaurant. I started my set with just them, the barista and the waiters and the rest were empty tables and chairs.

“I’m used to it but I don’t want to get upset about it. I just went on to do my set.

“Right in the middle my second song, my computer dies. So I was left there on stage not knowing what to do next.

“So in my head, I started writing this song and it was for the barista and the waiters who were the only people there that night. And they liked it.

“That’s why I wanted 'No More Light' to be my carrier single because of the personal experience I went through to write it.”

Robin has different ways of writing his songs.

“I write my songs either on my bed or in my car.

“In my car because of the traffic and you have nothing to do. I have a song that I wrote that you would think it’s a girl that I’m upset with. But really, it’s the car in front of me that I am writing about.

“On my bed, since it’s a big bed, queen size, all my stuff are there to use for me to write and record my songs.

“Believe it or not, I recorded all eight songs on my bed.

“Since this is an alternative-pop album, I barely used any instruments except for my guitar. I used all that I have on my laptop.

“So there is no excuse for anymore not to write a good song. You can do it anywhere even in the comforts of your own bedroom.”

OPM SUPPORTER. Robin is a big supporter of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) and he dreams that all OPM songs would be recognized globally and not just in the Philippines.

“All my songs, I want to give it an international sound so other music lovers in a different country would eventually like it and download it.

“We have the best singers and the best songs. I am just wondering even with the presence of social media, why is it still hard for us to penetrate globally with our own songs?

“Why can’t we be like the Koreans? Their songs are recognized globally. Everyone here in our country sings their songs. I can’t get over that,” he says with a laugh.

Robin as a musical artist has one rule: Never sing a song you can’t sing.

“When I started my singing career at 21, many people wanted me to sing like my dad. But I can’t. I don’t sound like him.

“I can’t sing his songs because it will sound different and the more people will compare me to him.

“That’s why I don’t sing songs that I can’t sing at all.

“That’s why at age 24, I finally found my own sound and I’m very comfortable with it.

“Now that I’m turning 30 this year, I am praying for a great 2016 for my music career.”



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