Glaiza de Castro earns Gold Record award for Synthesis album

IMAGE From Instagram account of Angelica Panganiban

Glaiza de Castro was recently given a Gold Record award for the strong sales of her full-length studio album, Synthesis, released under Homeworkz Music.

Synthesis contains Glaiza’s self-penned carrier single “Dust ‘Till Dawn.” Homeworkz Music sound engineer Jimmy Muna awarded Glaiza on Sunday Pinasaya with the Gold Record award as certified by PARI.

Glaiza, who plays the role of Pirena in GMA-7’s remake of Encantadia, will soon launch her second single along with a brand new music video.

In her Instagram account, Glaiza expressed her gratitude by posting: "Didn't really expect that from self producing 1000 copies, it'd reach more. Only because someone believed and listened to it. Otherwise these songs will still be buried in Garageband.

"Thanks for giving answers to my doubts, giving success to my failures and letting me do what I love that I once thought impossible."

Homeworkz founder JayR said about this achievement, “I am so proud to say that Glaiza is the first artist under Homeworkz to get a Gold Record award.”

“Glaiza is an inspiration to all of us who work hard in creating original Filipino music. Glaiza gives us hope that hitting Gold is possible as long as we stay true to ourselves as artists.”

For her part, Glaiza is very grateful to everyone who helped her with her album. She was quoted as saying, “I’m eternally grateful to every person who took the time to listen to an album made of reluctance, rejection, effort, friendship, and victory. I hope that we continue to inspire each other by supporting original Filipino music.”



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