The Vamps' James McVey invited Liza Soberano to watch their Manila concert

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British pop-rock band The Vamps—composed of James McVey, Tristan Evans, Brad Simpson, and Connor Ball—is scheduled to perform at Kia Theater in Quezon City this Saturday, November 12, 2016.

British pop-rock band The Vamps returns to Manila to perform for their Filipino fans.

The four-man band—composed of James McVey, Tristan Evans, Brad Simpson, and Connor Ball—is scheduled to perform at Kia Theater in Quezon City this Saturday, November 12.

This is the band's third time in the Philippines, and twice this 2016 following their SM Mall of Asia Arena concert with Before You Exit and The Tide back in January.

This time, the British band will offer a more intimate set for their fans.

At the press conference held earlier today, November 11, at Marco Polo Hotel, James explained why they wanted to have an intimate performance.

"We like doing big shows sometimes but it's really to nice to be more intimate."

He added, "So tomorrow we're playing at Kia Theater, it's gonna be acoustic and it's gonna be slightly more intimate and close in comparison to the last show that we did here. It's important for us in the band to constantly mix it up and you know, do different things and play songs in different ways. It kind of achieves a different effect to the audience so you'll look forward to us more."


Only three of the members were present at the press conference but all of them expressed their gratitude towards their Filipino fans unwavering support.

At one point, the members were asked what they think about Filipino women. Brad answered on behalf of the whole band and said, "Very nice, very supportive! The fans are very supportive."

The band also expressed their desire to go back to Cebu to meet their fans. Brad told members of the Philippine media, "It'd be nice to go back to Cebu. I think we had an incredible reaction the last time we went there so we're trying to get back there."

When asked if they'd visit the Philippines again for another show, Brad answered, "100% yeah! Like, honestly, not just because we're here, there have been... some of the best gigs we played are in Manila, in Mall of Asia. That was the biggest gig we played."


"ALL NIGHT." Currently, the band is promoting their new song titled "All Night" featuring Norwegian DJ Matoma. This is also the first time the band will try electronic music.

Tristan said Matoma's version of their song stood out from others which is why they chose him to work with them for the single.

When asked for the inspirations behind their music, Brad answered, "I think what goes on into our personal lives is a big inspiration to our music and what we write about. And we're also very inspired by the what's going around us in terms of music."

Each of the members were also asked to choose a musician--dead or alive--they want to perform or collaborate with. James named his biggest idol Taylor Swift while Brad would've wanted to perform with Nirvana's late lead singer Kurt Cobain. Meanwhile, Tristan wants to jam with actor Johnny Depp.

LIZA SOBERANO. Members of the press also asked if they knew Pinoy  celebrities.

James answered, "We know Liza very well and... her boyfriend [Enrique Gil]."


The 22-year-old musician already had a few encounters and selfies with the ABS-CBN actress during their previous visits and several fans took note of their closeness.

Last month, James even reposted his selfie with Liza with the caption on his Instagram account: "Recreate this next month @lizasoberano?"

Recreate this next month @lizasoberano ?

A photo posted by James McVey (@iamjamesmcvey) on

This is my second time watching them and they're still as good as ever!! ???????????????????????? #TheVamps

A photo posted by Liza Soberano (@lizasoberano) on (Philippine Entertainment Portal) took the chance to ask James if he personally invited Liza to the concert.

Liza, however, won't be able to attend the band's concert because she is currently in South Korea filming her upcoming movie with Enrique Gil.

James told PEP, "I texted Liza two days ago and she said she wasn't here sadly. Maybe next time, maybe next time."

Aside from Liza, James said they're don't know any other Filipino celebrities but are looking forward to meeting new ones.

James told the media, "Apart from that, I don't think so. We're very open for to suggestion though. We'd like to know more about Filipino musicians, and actors or actresses so we shall be on the look out."






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