Kris Aquino and Baby James share bonding moments through We are 1

Weare 1 features the mother and son tandem of KrisAquino and Baby James.This two-disc musical, educational, andentertaining album contains mother and child bonding music suited for pregnant mothers as well as infants and toddlers.

Of all her manyachievements particularly in the field of entertainment as an actress and gameshow host, Kris Aquino cited motherhood as the most challenging and rewardingrole she ever took.

Aside, of course, frombeing a high-profile celebrity, the public knows Kris as a mother to her twosons, Josh and Baby James. In fact, some showbiz insiders credit the presence of Josh and Baby James in her life as the mainreason why Kris mellowed down in terms of getting herself involved incontroversies and other showbiz related issues.

"My children are aninfinite source of inspiration to be a good mom and a good wife to help insurethat our family stays united. They keep me humble, because to them I'm reallyjust Mama. They keep me joyful, because no trial will ever seem unbeatable becauseunwittingly they are my life coaches and my cheerleaders," Kris wrote in theinlay sleeve of her latest Star Records album titled We are 1.

EDU-TAININGALBUM. For her latest project, Kris teamed up with Baby James to offer We are 1—atwo-disc edu-taining album conceptualized as a mother-child bonding musical,educational and entertaining record.

"The album was offeredto me when he [Baby James] was just six months old. Pero I was scared kasiparang hindi pa kami sure kung ano yong mga kakayanin naming dalawa gawin and Ifelt that it was best for us to wait na magtu-two na siya para alam namingdalawa talaga kung ano yong mga developmental stages that we went through," Kristold the entertainment press at the launching held last June 5 at ABS-CBN's9501 restaurant in Quezon City.

Weare 1 goes beyond teachingthe alphabet as well as enumerating numbers, shapes andcolors. It incorporates theact of praying and instilling family values towards growth and childdevelopment. Being a mom herself, Kris offers her thoughts and some step bystep guide to mothers in caring for their child.


The popular game showfurther expounded on the album's concept: "Fan kami ng anything Disney lalo naito [Baby James] so lahat 'yon pinapanood namin. So ito ngayon parang ginawang Pinoyversion talaga. It's just as upbeat and just as happy pero Pinoy na Pinoy andmaraming songs na original."

Studies show that music, particularly classical ones, aid in thedevelopment of a child while still inside the womb.

The producers note that, "Research studies haveshown that learning through voice and music is an effective interactive mediumfor child's maximum brain development. Each musical piece in this album iscrafted to make infants and toddlers smart and sound."

Weare 1's celebrity guests include May Bukas Pa's Zaijian's Jaranilla, heartthrob Piolo Pascual and Mr.Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

Talking about theinclusion of Piolo, Kris playfully remarked, "Of course yong kay Piolo para dunsa mga naglilihi, para ma-inspire sila."

Found in disc 1 are theConception Stage and the Growing Stage while disc 2 includes the Learning Stageand the Values Formation Stage.

The second disc has the songs "Thank God I Found You" performed by Piolo Pascual, "You are the Love of myLife" performed by Gary Valenciano, as well as "Angel of God" and"Prayer" by Zaijian Jaranilla. It also contains voice recordings of Kris wherein she shares her thoughts about celebrations, loving and raising a family as well as the power of prayer.





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