Kamikazee re-enters scene with Long Time Noisy

Kamikazee, the band responsible for thehits "Chiksilog" and "Narda" are back with album number three, Long Time Noisy. The 20-track album,released by Universal Records, continues the band's tradition of dishing outheavy rock-pop songs laced with witty lyrics.

Kamikazee frontman Jay Contreras is notbothered by the fact that his band has only released three studio albums for the past nine years that they have been together.

"Hindi naman namin iniisip yon," said the mischievousvocalist with a wide smile. "Ayaw naman namin maglabas ng album na hindikami masaya. Yon tipong para lang may mailabas na album. Ayaw naman namin ngganun."

Lead guitarist Jomal Linao seconded Jay'sopinion by saying, "Basta sa amin makapaglabas ng album na masaya at magugustuhantalaga namin. Hindi namin iniisip kahit na mag-five years and ten years pa yan bastaang importante sa amin nag-enjoy kami dun sa album na yon kasi papakinggannamin araw-araw yan saka ng mga tao."

STOPS,MISSES AND HITS.Writing and arranging songs to fill up an entire record is never easy. But personalresponsibilities somewhat hindered the band from immediately releasing a follow up to thedouble-platinum selling Maharot tooka long time to hit the shelves.


Yes! Despite the band's image as anirreverent and humorous bunch, the quintet of Jay, Jomal Linao, Led ZeppelinTuyay, Jason "Puto" Astete and Allan "Bords" Burdeos are all responsible familymen with normal joys and concerns outside the confines of the cliché rock n'roll lifestyle. The recent drug-related controversy faced by Tuyay in Dubaialso forced the band to temporarily hold off studio time.

"Parang every album na ginagawa naminmay process siya. Siguro next time, yon yung natutunan namin kasi wala kamingsobrang material nung nag-umpisa kaming mag-record, e. Nung kelangan nungdeadline, wala e, isa lang yata yong kanta namin," laughed Led Zeppelin

With the completion and release ofKamikazee's new album titled Long TimeNoisy,the band is once againback in top form to reclaim their place as one of the most sought after localbands both in the recording scene and live circuit.

The three-year gap turned out to bebeneficial especially to the fans as the band were able to produce more thanenough songs, making the much-anticipated record a worthy buy.


LongTime Noisy livesup to the band's tradition of mixing heavy rock and pop-all meshed with wittyin-your-face lyrics. Kamikazee's latest effort meanders from an assortment of subjects:unrequited love ("Hanggang Tingin"), socio-commentary ("Chismosa"), political ("Wala"),and other mundane random experiences ("Hot Mami").

The album also contains a cover of Francis Magalona's energetic number, "Meron Akong Ano." Franciswas supposed to join the band in recording the song but he unfortunatelysuccumbed to leukemia weeks before the session.

LongTime Nosiyis now available at all record bars nationwide courtesy of Universal Records.


  1. Ikaw
  2. Hanggang Tingin
  3. Eschoos Me
  4. 4:20
  5. Meron Akong Ano
  6. Balutin Mo Ako
  7. Wala
  8. Lalandiin
  9. Unang Tikim
  10. Alay
  11. Hot Mami
  12. I Love You Ninang
  13. Dragon Spa Super Head Charger Vol. 4
  14. Caintaenyo
  15. M.M.K.
  16. Chismoso
  17. Teyk Awts
  18. Huli Ka Balbon
  19. Me Na Me
  20. Isplakitengtenks


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