Sarah Geronimo releases 14-track album Music and Me

Sarah Geronimo’s 14-track album, Music and Me, is now available in record bars under Viva Records. It includes the theme songs of her box-office hits "A Very Special Love" and "You Changed My Life."

The Popstar Princess continues to delight her fans with yet another album, this time showcasing her own take on popular foreign and OPM hits.

Titled Music and Me, the all-English album includes themes that Sarah has sung for various box-office movies (like her very own A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life) and more covers of heart tugging love songs.

Sarah has been very hands-on in the selection of tracks to be featured in the album, making this one of her most personal recordings to date. As a bonus, "Record Breaker," an original song used in one of her endorsements, is also included in the album.

Not to be missed is her duet with Christian Bautista for the song "Please Be Careful with My Heart."


1. Right Here Waiting
2. Lost In Your Eyes
3. Can This Be Love
4. Listen To Your Heart
5. Have You Ever
6. Please Be Careful With My Heart with Christian Bautista
7. Fall For You
8. Could’ve Been
9. Before I Fall In Love
10. You Changed My Life In A Moment
11. Never Gonna Let You Go
12. Something New In My Life
13. A Very Special Love


14. Record Breaker


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