Taylor Swift receives 9X Platinum Award for her Fearless album

Mr. Ricky Ilacad, managing director of MCA Music, Inc. personally handed Taylor Swift two awards when she was here in the Philippines recently: 9X Platinum Award for her Fearless album and a Platinum Award for her latest Speak Now album.


"For Taylor Swift, each song that she creates and sings is a chance to reach out to the world, to connect with millions of her fans who may have shared the same experiences in Taylor’s colorful life. Each song speaks of such genuine emotion. Needless to say, each song has made a remarkable impact in people’s lives and this is just one of the many reasons why Taylor Swift ultimately is the multi-awarded and most celebrated artist of today.

"The Philippines just can’t get enough of Taylor Swift even after her concert last February 19 and it seems vice-versa as manifested in her own tweet just hours after the show: "Manila , I adore you. And how loudly you screamed and sang during tonight’s show! Pretty much my favorite sound ever. Still smiling!!"

"With an overwhelming sold-out attendance and with the entire coliseum engulfed by a sea of screaming teenagers who passionately sang out loud each song with their ultimate idol throughout the show, Taylor Swift clearly won the hearts of her Filipino fans. Her heartfelt performance starting with her first song in the repertoire, "Sparks Fly" up until the very last note of her #1 hit single, "Love Story" has left everyone in a state of euphoria.


"All those who have been very fortunate enough to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime meet and greet opportunity with Taylor Swift were overwhelmed by her warm and radiant presence as she would even hug and kiss the youngsters (some of whom even cried out of sheer joy) during the meet and greet.

"MCA Music Inc. group headed by Ricky Ilacad presented Taylor with a native ’banduria’ as a gift from the Philippines, designed and created by RJ Guitars. Andre Alvarez (Channel Head) and Mila Labendia (Channel Manager) of MYX Philippines also personally handed Taylor the 2010 Favorite International Music Video Award for "Love Story" of which Taylor was grateful for.

"And as Taylor Swift wrapped up her Speak Now Asian Tour concert series in Hong Kong last February 21, Universal Music Group heads from the different Asian countries presented her with their respective awards. Mr. Ricky Ilacad, managing director of MCA Music, Inc. proudly honored Taylor Swift with two distinct awards: 9X Platinum Award for her Fearless album, which has sold more than 135,000 albums (highest sales record worldwide) and a Platinum Award for her latest Speak Now album for an outstanding sales of more than 15,000 albums in just a span of four months. These two custom-made, hand-crafted awards, made out of our country’s finest indigenous materials are specially designed by Grassroots Philippines."


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