Angeline Quinto and Vince Bueno sing theme song of Choose Philippines music video

Angeline Quinto (in photo) and Vince Bueno performd the theme song of the Choose Philippines music video, which will be shown during an upcoming episode of ASAP Rocks.


" As a prelude to National Heroes Day, Choose Philippines, the world’s first ever social network where you can share and post your discoveries around the Philippines, will launch its music video "Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas" on ASAP Rocks, the Sunday variety show of ABS-CBN.

"The Choose Philippines music video will features its theme song, "Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas" as sung by artists Angeline Quinto and Vince Bueno. The song was written by Robert Labayen of "Bro Star ng Pasko" fame.

"Choose Philippines ( aims to feature the undiscovered Philippines by showcasing travel destinations, regional cuisine, local culture and the colorful fiestas and festivals.

"There is also an active community page on Facebook that has gathered more than 220,500 "likes" in less than a year and still growing rapidly every day.

"Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas" is a reminder of the many reasons to be proud of the Philippines. The music video not only captures the vibrant colors of the islands but is also a call to action for every Filipino to proudly share the beauty of the Philippines to the world.

"The website only went live last April 15 but it has already generated hundreds of photos and articles from Filipinos in various regions and from all over the world.

"After their success in ABS-CBN’s 2011 Summer Station ID Jingle, Angeline Quinto and Vincent Bueno are once again reunited for the Choose Philippines theme song.

"Only 21, Angeline Quinto exemplifies the Filipino penchant for hard work and overcoming adversity. The perseverance of Star Power: The Search for the Next Pop Superstar grand winner is definitely paying off. Angeline just returned from her US Tour with Sharon Cuneta and had her solo concert at the SM Sky Dome.


"Vince Bueno is the face of a new generation of Pinoys who are born and raised overseas yet have decided to rediscover their roots in their homeland. Born in Vienna, Vince made a name for himself in Austria by being the grand champion of "Musical! Die Show!" yet he chose to continue his career here in the Philippines.

"The lyrics for "Piliin Mo..." were written by Robert Labayen, the vice president of ABS-CBN’s Creative Communications Management (CCM). He is the man behind many Station IDs, the most recent being the "BidaBest sa Tag-Araw" 2011 Summer ID as well many memorable advertising campaigns."

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