Lotlot de Leon, Ricky Davao, and Chin-Chin Gutierrez deal with marital affairs in "MMK"

(From left) Chin-Chin Gutierrez, Ricky Davao, and Lotlot de Leon have dangerous liaisons that lead to murder in the September 28 episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya.

Right after working together in the youth-oriented movie I've Fallen For You, Lotlot de Leon and Chin-Chin Gutierrez showcase their skills in drama for the September 28 episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya.

Just like their roles in the Star Cinema movie, Lotlot and Chin-Chin will again play two women who are both in love with the same man. However, instead of pursuing Albert Martinez, Lotlot and Chin-Chin will compete for the affections of Ricky Davao.

Based on a true story, this episode relates how a mother struggles to come to terms with a dangerous extramarital affair involving her husband. Watch how an adulterous affair turns deadly in ABS-CBN's anthology show.

Lerma (Chin-Chin) works abroad for four years. When she comes back, she discovers that her husband Mike (Ricky) has been having an illicit affair. Little did she know that her return would lead to the death of her three babies by her husband's mistress, Nanette (Lotlot).

The mistress also hires someone to kill Mike's real wife. Lerma fights for her life when she is almost stabbed to death. Eventually, they realize that Nanette is the mastermind behind all these despicable acts. Despite all the unforgivable incidents caused by Nanette, Lerma forgives Nanette and sets herself free from all her pain and anger.

Director: Dado Lumibao
Writer: Shugo Praico

Chin-Chin Gutierrez - Lerma
Ricky Davao - Mike
Lotlot De Leon - Nanette
Ilonah Jean - Stella
Angellie Urquico - Rian
Basty Alcanses - Vince

Maalaala Mo Kaya is hosted by Charo Santos-Concio. It airs every Friday night on ABS-CBN.





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