Love, deceit and deception drive GMA-7's "La Vendetta"

(L-R) Jean Garcia, Sunshine Dizon, and Jennylyn Mercado form the triumvirate of GMA-7's newest primetime suspense drama offering, La Vendetta.

Going beyond the fantaserye genre, GMA-7 ventures into serious drama through its latest primetime offering, La Vendetta.

This suspense drama tells the tale of three sisters who get involved in a vicious web of love, treachery and retribution. In the story, Amanda (Jean Garcia), Almira (Jennylyn Mercado) and Eloisa (Sunshine Dizon) are sisters. One of them meets a tragic end.

The plot thickens when the dead sister's vengeful soul haunts the living in her desire to inflict punishment on her murderer. Now, the question arises: who among the three sisters is the victim of a ruthless crime? Is it the strong-willed Amanda, the eldest one who manipulates the lives of her sisters? Is it Eloisa who, despite her apparent weakness also harbors a mysterious persona? Or is it the youngest, Almira, who is torn between her love for both elder siblings and the one who is most affected by Amanda's manipulative character?


La Vendetta's strength comes from its unpredictable twist that will leave viewers perplexed about the real reason behind the puzzling death of one of the three sisters.

Despite playing a handful of villain roles in the past, actress Jean Garcia said that La Vendetta was a new challenge for her, given the story's gothic theme.

"For a television series, this is really new not just for me but for the viewers also," said Jean who is tailor-made for the role of the devious Amanda.

Aside from the story itself, the suspense-drama series reunites former sweethearts, Jennylyn Mercado (Almira) and Mark Herras. This time, Mark portrays the role of Galo who is disdained by the family of Almira because of his poverty. In the end, Almira is forced to marry the well-off Gabby Trajano, portrayed by Polo Ravales.

Joining the cast of La Vendetta are Luis Alandy (Ariel), Paolo Contis (Junjun), Chynna Ortaleza (Joana), Lotlot De Leon (Rodora), Rustom Padilla (Alfie), Dante Rivero (Edwin Cardinale), Snooky Serna (Janet), Caridad Sanchez (Nana Mildred), Wendell Ramos (Rigo). This gothic telenovela also stars Angelica Jones, Ella Gueverra, Ynna Asistio, and Joseph Marco.


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