Anne Curtis talks about Palawan trip with Dyesebel co-stars Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson

Although Anne Curtis's schedule is packed with various work commitments, she always makes time for her boyfriend Erwan Heussaff.

"That’s one of the key rules in making a relationship work. If there are days that you have to take an off to be with that special someone, you have to,” Anne told (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Anne Curtis says being paired with her ex-boyfriend Sam Milby isn’t awkward at all.

In fact, the two had the chance to bond during their recent trip to Coron, Palawan for the taping of ABS-CBN's upcoming fantaserye Dyesebel.

In his Instagram account, Sam even posted a photo of Anne with the clear waters of Coron as background.

From Instagram account of Sam Milby


“Sam and I are okay naman. That’s a good thing. Siyempre, if we weren’t ok, we won’t be working together,” says the ABS-CBN actress. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with the Kapamilya star during the February 5 launch of Viva Films-PBO cable channel partnership with Skycable at Gateway’s Platinum Cinema.

While Sam and Anne still have chemistry on screen, a real-life romance between the two isn’t in the offing since the latter is happily in a relationship at the moment.

“It’s good for our followers before in Maging Sino Ka Man [2006-2007]. They’re very excited. It’s great to be able to make them happy.”

Anne also points out that other viewers are excited to see her paired with Gerald Anderson, who is cast as her other love interest in Dyesebel.

In a trailer of Dyesebel, Sam is shown as Liro, a merman with a purple tail carrying a knife underwater.

Sam Milby as the merman Liro

Gerald's character is shown riding a speedboat when he spots Dyesebel in the ocean. Gerald strips off his sando and jumps in the water where he comes face to face with the characters of Sam and Anne.

Gerald Anderson as the mortal lover Fredo

Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, and Gerald Anderson


“It’s my first time to be paired with him. Maraming nagsasabi na fresh yung tandem namin. Ok naman. I think it’s gonna be a fun serye to do. Hindi ko alam [kung nahihiya siya sa akin]. Malay natin.”

Gerald also went to Palawan with Anne and Sam for a pictorial and taping of Dyesebel. This turned out to be a perfect opportunity for them to establish rapport with each other.

“On the first day, we were stranded in Palawan because of [tropical depression] Basyang. We were stranded for one whole day.

“We couldn’t go out into the water to shoot, so para na rin kaming nag-teambuilding dahil wala kaming ginawa kundi mag-usap at card games.”

As for immersing into their roles, Anne admitted that her male co-stars are still adjusting to doing underwater scenes.

It’s easier for the 28-year-old actress since she previously played a mermaid character in the now-defunct Kapamilya soap, Dyosa (2008-2009).


“Yun yung parang, ‘How do we do this?’ Pero so far, so good.”

TIME FOR LOVE. Although she obviously has her hands full with work, Anne says that she will always find time to be with her boyfriend Erwan Heussaff.

“That’s one of the key rules in making a relationship work. If there are days that you have to take an off to be with that special someone, you have to.”

The couple actually have plans to meet for a dinner date on Valentine’s Day, which falls on a Friday.

“I did block that off. Of course, may Showtime pa rin. But it’s ok kasi he also has a day job. In the evening, dun na lang kami magkikita.”

Incidentally, a lot of celebrity couples are getting hitched this year. The most recent of which were Iya Villania and Drew Arellano, who tied the knot last February 2.


Do Anne and Erwan also have plans to settle down anytime soon?

“Ang dami ngang nagpapakasal. Dun ako naloloka. About two years ago, I saw my older friends getting married. Sina Cheka [Cheska Garcia], Danica [Sotto], tapos nag-baby na sila.

“Now, closer to my age yung mga nagpapakasal. Pero ako, hindi pa. Pero if it happens, it happens.”


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