Meet PBB Otso Male Star Dreamers of Teens Batch 2

The male teen Star Dreamers (Batch 2) of Pinoy Big Brother Otso are (top row) Tan Roncal, Shoichi Oka, Mich Wunder, and Emjay Savilla as well as (bottom row) Batit Espiritu, Alfred Beruzil, Jem Macatuno, and Lance Carr.

The April 2 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso introduced eight female teen Star Dreamers who have a chance to become official housemates. They were Yen Quirante, Angela Tungol, Kyzha Villalino, Shami Baltazar, Ashley del Mundo, Narcy Esguerra, Gwen Apuli, and Sheena Catacutan.

The girls started their journey on a beach in the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. They had to work together to survive the elements, while conquering challenges to prove that they are worthy of moving into the PBB house.

Recent episodes showed how the eight survived their first night on the island. They had to create fire, cook their own food, and sleep in tents.

They also had the opportunity to win rewards by completing several challenges such as boating and cliff diving. The main reward was acquiring the key to the PBB house, so they can finally move in.

Early standouts among the girls were Angela and Yen, who have stood up as the leaders of the group. Yen also celebrated her 16th birthday on the island. The poor lass from Camarines Sur felt grateful because it was her first real birthday party.



The episode shown on Wednesday night showed that the girls succeeded in getting the PBB house key, so they were finally allowed to leave the island.

With their departure, the eight male Star Dreamers of PBB Otso Teens Batch 2 were introduced:

  • Mich Wunder, German Wunder Boy ng Leyte - The 17-year-old German-Filipino teenager is proud of his ripped body. He helps his mother and stepfather manage their piggery.

  • Lance Carr, Capteen-ball Cutie ng Davao - The 18-year-old basketball player is an only child, and has admitted that he is a mama’s boy.

  • Shoichi Oka, Responsableng Rising Son ng Japan - The 19-year-old Japanese-Filipino works as a part-time pre-school teacher in Japan. He learned how to speak Filipino by watching Filipino teleseryes.

  • Alfred Beruzil, Promdi-livery Boy Lucena - The 19-year-old young adult works odd jobs like being a service crew in a fastfood restaurant and an on-call delivery boy.

  • Tan Roncal, Kulitisoy ng Davao - The 14-year-old Davaoeno joined PBB to be able to get back their house, which was used as collateral for a loan.

  • Batit Espiritu, Boy Masigasig ng Nueva Ecija - The 19-year-old singer stopped his college education to start working. His nickname Batit is a portmanteau of the words “mataba” (fat) and “petite.”

  • Emjay Savilla, Tripster Tropa ng Camarines Sur - The 16-year-old student is a troublemaker at school and has admitted that he already smokes and drinks alcohol at his age. He wants to show that bad boys like him can change for the better.

  • Jem Macatuno, Fantacoustic Cabalen ng Pampanga - The 18-year-old singer can play a lot of musical instruments like bass guitars and drums.


The eight boys will face challenges in order to get a chance to enter the PBB Otso house. Their first challenge is riding a zipline over the sea, while remembering three-digit numbers floating on the water. Will they succeed in this challenge? Viewers will find out in the next episode.

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