Vpeepz lands 4th place in World of Dance Season 3

Jennifer Lopez praises "amazing precision" of Filipino dance group Vpeepz in World of Dance Season 3.

VPeepz, a dance group from the Philippines, finished fourth during the grand finals of the World of Dance U.S. Season 3.

The Filipino dance group impressed all three judges--Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough--when they performed to "Can't Hold Us" on Sunday (Monday in Manila).

Derek stood up as he shouted with glee upon watching the Pinoys dance onstage. "You guys have more steps in your routine than anybody else in this competition. Well done, guys. Amazing final routine. Great job."

Ne-Yo joked that the letter V in their group name stands for "very fast-moving people."

Jennifer Lopez pointed out, "The one thing that you guys have... is the amazing precision."

J-Lo even described their energy as “off the charts” but the Hollywood actress-singer also wanted a few more transitions towards the end of their performance.

Ne-Yo added, "Surgical precision. Just like one person is on that stage. You guys are that together and synced up."


Vpeepz received an average score of 93.7.

Mumbai's hip-hop dance crew The Kings emerged as the winner of the World of Dance after receiving a perfect score of 100.

The group won the $1 million grand prize (approximately PHP 51,729,900).

After 12 weeks of intense dance-offs, five acts made it to the world final.

The Junior Team VPeepz competed against The Kings (Upper Team) of Mumbai, India; Canadian contemporary dancer Briar Nolet (Upper division); the sister duo of Ellie and Ava (Junior division); and Unity LA (Wildcard), a 10-person squad from Southern California.


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