Regine Velasquez, Moira Dela Torre express clashing opinions on Idol Philippines

Regine Velasquez (right) and Moira Dela Torre (left) had clashing opinions during the May 5 episode of Idol Philippines.

Regine Velasquez and Moira Dela Torre became viral after expressing clashing opinions during the May 5 episode of Idol Philippines.

It all started when they listened to Idol aspirant Leann Ganzon play the guitar as she sang an original song titled "Karagatan."

Regine said that Lean has an "airy" style of singing that has the "same sound" as other singers.

“I like the song, I like how you performed it, I like your voice."

Asia's Songbird then paused before continuing:

“My problem is, you guys have the same sound to me. I know that it’s current but you sound the same and the thing is, I know you’re making the sound, it’s not something you’re born with. You make the sound. It’s the tone that you make.

"As I was explaining to Moira, it comes naturally for some people like her [pointing at Moira], but for some, it's not."


The Kapuso-turned-Kapamilya singer pointed out, "We already have Moira, we have Yeng [Constantino], it's the same sound. But like I said, maganda naman yung pinakita mo. I'm just a little frustrated because it's the same sound."

Moira took the opportunity to remind Regine how her own style of singing became popular.

“I understand yung pinanggagalingan ni Mama Reg [Regine] na yung generation natin, ang daming ganito ang sound.

“But also Mama Reg, gusto kong i-defend si Leann because for me ang dami ko na din nasulat na kanta, yung mga kanta ko pare-pareho ang tunog until I brought it to the studio and na-arrange na.”

Regine explained, “No, no. I’m not talking about the genre, it’s the voice. It's the singing style, the way you curl your tongue when you sing and you make it airy and it's all the same.”

Moira stood up and quipped, "Uwi na po ako."


Moira later told Leann: "I want to say yes to you. There are gonna be people who appreciate you and may mga tao rin na hindi [pointing at Regine]. But whatever sound you decide to go for, make sure na ito talaga yung magpapakita kung sino si Leann."

In the end, Leann got four yes votes from all judges Regine, Moira, Vice Ganda, and James Reid. 

Through their Twitter accounts, Regine and Moira cleared that there was no bad blood between them.

Regine wrote: "It's the same sound!!!!!"

In response, Moira replied, "Tama na poooo hahahahaha love u mama regggg"



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