ABS-CBN teleseryes that resurrected their characters

by James Patrick Anarcon
Oct 15, 2019
(L-R) Maja Salvador, Albert Martinez, and Sofia Andres played characters who were resurrected in their respective ABS-CBN teleseryes.
PHOTO/S: The Killer Bride / Kadenang Ginto / Bagani (ABS-CBN)

In any ABS-CBN teleserye, everything is possible. These twists could include the introduction of new characters, the transformation of the bida into a kontrabida, and even the comeback of characters believed to be dead in the story.

If the body of a teleserye character has not been seen inside a coffin, he or she could still be alive.

It has become a common subplot for ABS-CBN teleseryes to resurrect characters who were believed to be dead. Some of these characters were really meant to come back, while others were brought back for plot twists or series extensions.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) lists down 14 ABS-CBN teleseryes with characters who were resurrected, after viewers believed that they died from an explosion, a plane crash, or any other tragic incident.


Claudine Barretto as Via

Mula sa Puso was the first teleserye to resurrect a character that was believed to be dead, the reason why it became one of the iconic scenes in Pinoy pop culture.

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What was surprising was the fact that they chose to "kill" the lead character played by Claudine Barretto.

In one episode in 1998, Via (Claudine) had to ride a bus to go to a remote area, after she found out that her aunt Selina (Princess Punzalan) had been plotting to kill her and her family. Selina was able to follow Via and she instructed her henchmen to plant a bomb inside the bus that Via was about to ride in.

The episode then showed the bus explosion, causing everyone to believe that Via was inside the bus. Selina let out an evil laugh, while Via's mother, Magda (Jaclyn Jose) was in tears. Via's family thought that she died since her necklace was seen on an unidentified girl, whom they believed was Via's body.

A week later, it was revealed that Via survived the bus explosion, and she resurfaced as Ella. Apparently, Via went to the restroom and when she was supposed to return to the bus, it exploded.

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Via then pretended to be a ghost and appeared outside the room of Selina in order to bother her conscience and make her feel guilty for her crime.

The bus explosion was such a pivotal scene in the original show that it was included in the movie version in 1999, and the modern TV remake in 2011, starring Lauren Young, Enrique Gil, and JM de Guzman.

One major difference in the 2011 TV remake was that the bus scene was shown in the finale.

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Maja Salvador as Camila dela Torre

In the beginning of The Killer Bride, it was believed that its lead character, Camila dela Torre (Maja Salvador), was killed in a fire. A myth about "The Killer Bride" made its rounds in the Las Espadas town, leading people to believe that it was Camila's ghost that is killing people in order to exact revenge for the injustice done to her.

Years later, a mysterious woman named Emma (Janella Salvador) appeared in the town, claiming to be possessed by Camila's spirit. The town of Las Espadas was also haunted by ghostly sightings of a Killer Bride.

But in the third week of the show, viewers of The Killer Bride were surprised by a plot twist.

It was when Emma went to the place where she first saw Camila's ghost, thinking that Camila is haunting her again. Camila appeared in front of Emma, wearing an all-white ensemble and a pair of red stilletos.

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Emma seemed to be afraid of Camila who suddenly clapped and told her, "Such a good actress, Emma. Tigilan mo na magpanggap. Wala nang ibang tao."

Emma's face then shifted from fear to glee as she gave a knowing smile. Emma told Camila, "I had to make sure."

Apparently, Emma is Camila's adopted daughter whom she hired in order to exact revenge on the people who caused her suffering in the past.

At present, the townsfolk of Las Espadas still believe that Camila is dead, and that Emma is being possessed by Camila's spirit.

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Jean Garcia/Angelica Panganiban as Claudia Buenavista

In both versions of Pangako Sa 'Yo, viewers were made to believe that the main kontrabida Claudia Buenavista was dead.

In the 2000 version, Claudia Buenavista (Jean Garcia) rode a helicopter that exploded. But it was later revealed that she was able to survive the explosion.

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In the 2015 version, Claudia Buenavista (Angelica Panganiban) went to a remote place after she killed Diego Buenavista (Bernard Palanca) and wounded Caloy (Joem Bascon). While Claudia and Caloy fought inside the car that they were riding in, the car crashed and exploded.

During this time, Angelica admitted that she wanted to quit showbiz, but she returned to the show and did not push through with her plans of leaving showbiz.

Months later, Claudia resurfaced although she lost her memory. Apparently, she was saved by her ex-lover, Simon (Alex Medina), and they lived away from the Buenavistas. Meanwhile, Claudia's family believed that she was killed from the explosion.

When Claudia finally remembered her true identity, she returned to the Buenavistas and plotted her revenge against Yna (Kathryn Bernardo) and Amor (Jodi Sta. Maria).

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Angelica Panganiban as Rebecca del Sol

In the 2013 series Apoy sa Dagat, Angelica Panganiban played long-lost twins Rosanna and Rebecca del Sol who were separated because of a tragic incident when they were still kids. Rosanna lost her memory and used the name Serena, while Rebecca lived in poverty with her grandmother (Liza Lorena).

Years later, as adults, Serena and Rebecca accidentally reunited on a bridge. However, the reunion was cut short when Rebecca had an altercation with her nemesis, Adrianna (Angel Aquino), who pushed her into the river. However, no body was recovered.

Serena, who was hiding as she witnessed the incident, thought that Rebecca was already dead, and pretended to be Rebecca.

Months later, it was revealed that Rebecca was actually alive and was hiding in a remote place. She returned in order to expose Adrianna's crimes.

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Sunshine Cruz as Camia

In the 2017 series Wildflower, the death of Lily's (Maja Salvador) parents prompted her to seek revenge against the Ardientes, who tried to kill her whole family. Assuming the identity of Ivy Aguas, she returned to Poblacion Ardiente not only to exact revenge on the Ardientes, but to find the missing body of her mother Camia (Sunshine Cruz).

Ivy eventually learned that her mother Camia was still alive, but could not remember anything. It turned out that Camia was detained by Raul (Wendell Ramos) for many years. When Camia escaped from Raul, Ivy helped her and brought Camia home.

Camia underwent therapy to recall her past. When she recovered her memories, Camia helped Ivy get her revenge against the Ardientes.

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Maja Salvador as Lily Cruz

When the Ardientes found out that Ivy was a traitor and had been plotting their downfall, Julio (Tirso Cruz III) and Emilia (Aiko Melendez) joined forces in killing Ivy. They had Ivy placed inside a casket that was buried deep underground. They placed a phone in the casket with Ivy so that Emilia could hear Ivy's final breath.

However, Ivy used the phone to call Diego and Jepoy, who saved her. Upon hearing flowing water outside her wooden casket, Ivy realized that she could escape. She then destroyed the coffin and successfully clawed her way out of the grave.

Ivy then orchestrated her plan of gatecrashing the party of the Ardientes, where she revealed herself as the real Lily Cruz. Clad in a gold gown, she told the Ardientes, "Black is out, gold is in! Just like gold, I am indestructible!"

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Albert Martinez as Robert Mondragon

In the last chapter of Kadenang Ginto's first season, Robert Mondragon (Albert Martinez) was killed when the helicopter he was riding in exploded. With Robert's death, conflicts rose among Daniela (Dimples Romana), Romina (Beauty Gonzalez), Marga (Andrea Brillantes), and Cassie (Francine Diaz), as they struggled to find out who was the mastermind behind Robert's death.

At the timr, Albert was also busy doing another prime-time show, The General's Daughter, which is why he had to leave Kadenang Ginto.

A week after The General's Daughter ended its run, Albert returned to Kadenang Ginto and it was revealed that Robert was able to survive the helicopter explosion.

Current episodes of Kadenang Ginto show that Robert is about to return to his family as he investigates who tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Romina is also on a quest to find out if it was really Robert who raped her.

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Kris Aquino as Celine

In the middle of Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo's run, in 2010, Kris Aquino announced that she had to leave the show to help her brother, Noynoy Aquino, while he campaigned for the 2010 elections.

In the show, Kris's character, Celine, was believed to be dead because of a bus explosion orchestrated by the syndicate Una Vita.

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After the 2010 elections, Kris returned to the show and her character Celine resurfaced. Her daughter Gwen (Kim Chiu) spotted her living in a remote area. However, when Gwen approached Celine, the latter said she could not remember Gwen. Apparently, Celine was only pretending that she had amnesia in order to protect her family.

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Kris Aquino as Ruth Manrique

In the 2013 series Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw, Kris Aquino's character, Roxanne, was believed to have died when her helicopter crashed. Her character was en route to China to get treatment after being diagnosed with cancer.

When Roxanne was not seen in Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw, it was the time when Kris announced that she would be leaving her shows following a controversy involving her and ex-husband James Yap.

But then, Kris made a comeback in Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw. Roxanne survived because a Chinese doctor (Tetchie Agbayani) rescued her and took Roxanne under her wing.

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Iza Calzado as Rebecca

The 2018 series Ngayon at Kailanman opened with the love story of Rebecca (Iza Calzado) and Rodrigo (TJ Trinidad). They initially lived in peace with their daughter, Angela. Unfortunately, Rodrigo was murdered and Rebecca was shot. Angela becomes Eva (Julia Barretto), an optimistic girl who is skilled in designing jewelry.

Years later, Rebecca resurfaces since she managed to survive the assassination, which was plotted by Rodrigo's family. Rebecca then searched for her missing daughter while planning her revenge against Stella (Alice Dixson), the woman who plotted the murder.

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Gloria Diaz as Soledad

ABS-CBN's afternoon series, Los Bastardos, opened with the love story of Roman Cardinal (Geoff Eigenmann) and Soledad (Cristine Reyes). They had a beautiful love story, until Alba (Roxanne Barcelo) came into the picture. Obsessed with Roman, Alba plotted to get Roman while getting rid of Soledad and her baby, Roman Jr.

To do this, Alba pushed Soledad into a ravine. Soledad, who was carrying their son, lost consciousness when she fell down the ravine. A landslide then occured.

The distraught man was led to believe that Soledad and Roman Jr. were killed due to the landslide.

Roman then had a relationship with Alba and three other women, with whom he had children. However, the patriarch did not know this. He only knew about his son with Alba, Joaquin (Diego Loyzaga).

Years later, Roman (Ronaldo Valdez), nursing his broken heart, slowly found out that he had fathered three other children: Mateo (Marco Gumabao), Connor (Josh Colet), and Lucas (Albie Casino). Roman also found out that his trusted employee, Isagani (Jake Cuenca), is his missing child, Roman Jr.

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After all this time, it was revealed that Soledad (Gloria Diaz) was still alive and that she lost her memory due to the incident. When she fell into the ravine back then, Soledad was pregnant with another Cardinal, Lorenzo (Joseph Marco).

When Soledad came back to the Philippines, her memory returned after she had a face off with Alba (Isabel Rivas). Finally, Soledad was reunited with Roman.

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Josh Colet as Connor

In the last few weeks of Los Bastardos, Connor Cardinal (Josh Colet) met his death after saving the love of his life, Lupita (Mica Javier). Catalina (Jean Saburit) found out that Lupita was a traitor. To punish her, Lupita was made to wear a jacket with a bomb strapped to it.

Connor tried to save Lupita by getting the bomb jacket and taking it far away. Lupita was saved by Connor's brothers when the bomb suddenly exploded. With Connor missing, everyone believed that he was already dead.

However, two weeks before the final episode, it was revealed that Connor was saved from the explosion. He reunited with his brothers and they defeated Catalina together.

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Sandy Andolong as Jade

Pangarap na Bituin revolved around the Jewel Sisters—Sapphire (Rica Peralejo), Emerald (Sarah Geronimo), and Ruby (Maja Salvador). They were separated from their parents, Jade (Sandy Andolong) and Carlo (Christopher de Leon), after a big earthquake. The girls believed their biological parents perished because of the earthquake.

Years later, the Jewel Sisters reunited, and became a popular pop trio. Lena (Rio Locsin) entered their lives, and pretended to be the mother of the girls. Apparently, Lena was conniving with Sapphire, who turned out to be an impostor named Bridgette Ramirez.

Jade, the real mother of the Jewel sisters, actually survived the earthquake, and was residing in Canada. After becoming catatonic and paralyzed, Jade was able to recover. She returned to the Philippines to be reunited with her daughters, along with the real Sapphire (Nikki Gil), who was in a mental institution.

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Maja Salvador as Mariz Florencio

In Impostor, a remake of a Precious Hearts Romances novel by Martha Cecilia, Devin (Melai Cantiveros) is a fan of bigtime model Mariz Florencio (Maja Salvador). The two became so close that Mariz gave Devin her butterfly necklace.

Mariz had a shaky relationship with her husband Anthony (Sam Milby) and their child, Joshua (Izzy Canillo). It turned out that she was having an extramarital affair with Julio (Jon Avila).

Meanwhile, Devin and her family had unidentified enemies in their barrio. Henchmen were about to kill Devin, but Mariz prevented them from doing the deed by asking Devin to ride in her car. The henchmen chased after them, causing their car to crash and explode. Devin survived with a disfigured face.

Since Devin was wearing the necklace, Mariz's sister Monique (Precious Lara Quigaman) thought that she was Mariz. Monique tried to make people believe that Mariz was alive by implanting Mariz's face onto Devin.

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Devin was then made to live with Mariz's family.

Later in the story, Mariz was revealed to be alive, and she returned to Anthony, realizing that she really loves him. Unfortunately for her, Anthony has learned to love Devin and he chose Devin over Mariz.


John Regala as Miyo

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At the start of Ina, Kapatid, Anak, Celyn (Kim Chiu) and Teresa (Cherry Pie Picache) believed that Teresa's husband, Miyo (John Regala), died from an unfortunate incident that burned him alive.

In the latter part of the story, it was revealed that Miyo was still alive. He was harboring so much anger because he believed that Teresa abandoned him and their son (Alex Medina). This is because Teresa agreed to become the surrogate mother to Julio (Ariel Rivera) and Beatrice's (Janice de Belen) child.

Being the ultimate villain in the series, Miyo had Celyn, Margaux (Maja Salvador), Teresa, and Beatrice kidnapped, and he tried to kill Teresa. In the end, Teresa survived a gunshot wound, while Miyo was killed by policemen.

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Sofia Andres as Mayari

In the first few weeks of Bagani, viewers were surprised to see that one of its lead characters, Mayari (Sofia Andres), was killed. Some believed that Sofia was taken out of the show because of attitude problems, but Bagani's producer, Star Creatives, explained that her character was designed to be killed in order to give way to a new Bagani, which was part of the story.

During the last few weeks of the show, Sofia returned to the show. Her character Mayari was resurrected by Malaya (Kristine Hermosa). Mayari then became a sworn enemy of the Baganis.

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(L-R) Maja Salvador, Albert Martinez, and Sofia Andres played characters who were resurrected in their respective ABS-CBN teleseryes.
PHOTO/S: The Killer Bride / Kadenang Ginto / Bagani (ABS-CBN)
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