Meet PBB 737's second housemate: Bailey May the Global Gwapito ng UK

Bailey May immediately landed in Twitter's trending topics after his appearance in It's Showtime yesterday, June 16.

The second housemate of Pinoy Big Brother 737 might be a familiar face for some viewers.

The young boy was wearing a helmet when he was introduced on the June 16 episode of It’s Showtime.

However, the name Bailey May would be familiar to those who have heard of the internet sensation.

In April 2015, his rendition of Daniel Padilla’s hit “Na Sa’Yo Na Ang Lahat” became a viral video.

The 12-year old lad from the United Kingdom is now a PBB 737 housemate dubbed as the “Global Gwapito ng UK.”

Bailey was born in Cebu to a Filipino mother and a British father. Standing at 5'7', the young boy grew up in England but he says, "The Philippines is definitely my favorite country. I think I'm more Filipino than I am English because I'm used to eating food here like balut, monggo..."

Bailey auditioned for PBB 737 online. During his appearance yesterday on It’s Showtime, he gamely showed off his singing skills.

Even though he was wearing a helmet, he managed to attract a following because of his distinct British accent.

His name landed on Twitter’s trending topics after his appearance on ABS-CBN's noontime show.

The online sensation (who is known to be a football player) is one of the most-followed teens on Instagram with 59.7 thousand followers.

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Upon the appearance of the two housemates, netizens curiously asked if the housemates are still living outside the Big Brother house.

ABS-CBN TV Production Head Laurenti Dyogi answered this question through a post on his Twitter account.

#PBB737BigReveal at this point the hms dont see each other. they are isolated without tv radio n social media til saturday kickoff.

— Direk Lauren (@direklauren) June 17, 2015

Pinoy Big Brother 737
will start airing this Saturday, June 20.





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