Here's how Megan Young's Marimar ended: a wedding and a fatal helicopter crash due to Fulgoso

For MariMar's finale, the lead character finally marries the man of her dreams: Sergio. Which version did you prefer: the one starring Marian Rivera (right frame) or the one topbilled by Megan Young (left frame)? The lead stars in both weddings sealed their love story with a kiss. Megan kissed Tom Rodriguez while Marian married Dingdong Dantes.

One of the most-awaited parts of MariMar is the happy ending for the lead characters after going through all the hardships.

On January 8, GMA-7 aired the finale of MariMar that completed the love story of Marimar (Megan Young) and Sergio (Tom Rodriguez).

To refresh our memory, this is how the first remake of MariMar ended in 2007:

MARIAN MARRIES DINGDONG. Because of the success of MariMar's 2007 TV remake, GMA Network decided to give Marimar (Marian Rivera) and Sergio (Dingdong Dantes) a grand wedding and a reception that was aired live.

Before they reached their happy conclusion, they first fought for their lives against the kontrabida. Angelika (Katrina Halili) kidnapped Sergio and Cruzita (daughter of Marimar and Sergio).

Angelika put Sergio and Cruzita in two separate boats filled with bombs. The antagonist then forced Marimar to choose whom will she save.

Marimar opted to save Cruzita. Unbeknownst to them, Sergio managed to escape the boat.

While escaping, Marimar and Angelika had a brawl, and Angelika's hand was brutally crushed in a car door.

Marimar, Cruzita and Sergio were finally reunited and rode a helicopter to escape.

Angelika attempted to hijack the chopper but Marimar managed to push her. Angelika met her gory end when she was dragged in a river and her body was devoured by crocodiles.

In the wedding, Marimar and Sergio were joined by Sergio's father Renato (Richard Gomez) while their friends Antonio (Dino Guevarra), Arturo (Marky Lopez), and Corazon (Manilyn Reynes) were part of the entourage.

Arci Munoz, LJ Reyes, Rufa Mae Quinto and the late German Moreno served as principal sponsors while Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid were the wedding singers.

Also, Cruzita acted as flower girl while the dog Fulgoso became the ring and coin bearer.

As Sergio waited for his bride, the doors of the San Agustin Church opened, revealing a very beautiful Marimar wearing a white gown.


Their priest friend Padre Cito Porres (Buboy Garrovillo) officiated the wedding rites.

As they delivered their wedding vows, the two became emotional as they looked at each other's eyes.

When they finally kissed each other, the two were very playful, happy and content to be starting a new chapter of their lives.

The reception was aired live and was attended by select fans, guests, Kapuso executives, and members of the media.

During the program, the cast and crew members were introduced to the public.

In the 2015 version, Marimar (Megan Young) and Sergio (Tom Rodriguez) were about to get married in church when they discovered that their daughter Cruzita was missing.

Apparently, Donya Angelica (Jacklyn Jose), Antonia (Lauren Young) and Nicandro (Dion Ignacio) kidnapped Cruzita and let her wear a bag with a bomb inside it.

Antonia went to the church to say that they were holding Cruzita captive. The kontrabida said that she would disclose the whereabouts of her daughter if Marimar kisses Antonia's feet.

Marimar gave in to the request but it turns out that she was only tricked by the mean girl.

When the villains and the protagonists had a face-off, it was agreed upon that Angelica will only return Cruzita only if Marimar and Sergio will give them money and a chopper for them to escape and start a new life.

They thought that the couple were about to grant their request when a brawl ensued. Marimar managed to reclaim Cruzita. She grabbed Cruzita's bag containing the bomb and throw it inside the chopper.

After the brawl, Antonia and Angelica escaped by roding the helicopter.

Thinking that they won the battle, Angelica asked Antonia to get the remote so that the bomb inside Cruzita's bag will explode.

Unfortunately for them, Antonia misplaced the remote and they found out that the bag was inside the chopper.


It was Fulgoso the dog who found the remote that looked like a cellphone. The canine played with it and accidentally pushed the button.

As a result, the chopper of Angelica and Antonia exploded!

For the wedding, Marimar and Sergio were joined by relatives and friends Esperanza (Carmi Martin), Natalia (Maricris Garcia), Franco (Frank Magalona), Corazon (Jaya) and Renato (Ricardo Cepeda). Cruzita became the flower girl and she was accompanied by Fulgoso.

Sergio excitedly waited for his bride to finally enter the church.

Marimar and Sergio were emotional as they exchanged wedding vows, with Marimar shedding tears as they gave their wedding rings.

Padre Cito Porres (Cris Villanueva), the officiating priest, finally told Sergio to kiss his bride.

After the wedding ceremony, the whole entourage went out of the church, and watched colorful fireworks surround the evening sky.

And that is how the latest version of MariMar ended.

PEPsters, which version did you prefer: the one starring Marian Rivera (2007) or the one topbilled by Megan Young (2015)?

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