LOOK: New costume design for a character in Encantadia 2016

Alfred Vargas is shown here dressed as Kapitan ng Lireo in the original 2005 telefantasya. The superimposed costume is the new design to be used in the 2016 version of Encantadia.

GMA-7 is now in pre-production for the 2016 version of the epic telefantasya Encantadia.

Mark Reyes and Suzette Doctolero return as the show's director and head scriptwriter, respectively.

Artist and concept designer Noel Layon Flores is also back on board to re-imagine the costumes and work on the creatures of the Kapuso show.

Earlier today, February 10, Direk Mark uploaded a photo showing how the soldiers in Lireo would look like.

Lireo is one of the four fictional kingdoms in Encantadia where the Diwatas live. The other three kingdoms are Hathoria, Adamya, and Sapiro.

His caption for the photo on Instagram: "First official look on the new costume design of a Lirean soldier. Go to official #gmanetwork #encantadia2016 FB page."

The Lirean soldier costume has a more modern look as it features metallic armor and head gear over a blue garb.

The previous costume features a more archaic samurai-inspired design.

It will be remembered that over 150 costumes were used in the original 2005 telefantasya.


Last January, Noel uploaded a closer look of the costume on his Twitter account. He included a caption written in "Enchanta," the language by the citizens of Encantadia.

The "Enchata" caption on the photo translates to "Kapitan Ng Lireo" based on the syllabic and phonetic script that he posted on his Behance.net page last November.

Aquil (played by Alfred Vargas in the original TV show) is the head of arms in Lireo.


Here is Noel's the "Enchata" syllabic and phonetic script:

SANG'GRES. The identities of the four Sang'gres (diwata royalty) have yet to be revealed as auditions are still ongoing.

The original Sang'gres were played by Sunshine Dizon as Pirena, Iza Calzado as Amihan, Karylle as Alena, and Diana Zubiri as Danaya.


Direk Mark also posted teaser photos of the baby Sang'gres on his Instagram account featuring his niece, Carey Brenna.

The revelation soon... @eauj #mygodchildcarey #gmanetwork @gmanetwork

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Who will be the new keeper of the water gem? #encantadia2016 #gmanetwork @eauj @gmanetwork

A photo posted by @direkmark on

Who will be next healer of the world?#encantadia2016 #gmanetwork @gmanetwork @eauj

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