PEP EXCLUSIVE: How Marian and Dingdong were chosen; new character will join Encantadia 2016

Encantadia headwriter Suzette Doctolero revealed that it was Dingdong Dantes who volunteered to play Raquim. Meanwhile, Marian Rivera was her personal choice to play Ynang Reyna Mine-a, the Queen of Encantadia.

Did you know that it was Dingdong Dantes who volunteered to play as Raquim in the 2016 version of Encantadia?

This was revealed by headwriter Suzette Doctolero in an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last April 21 at the press conference of Once Again.

She admitted that she personally requested for Marian Rivera to play Ynang Reyna Mine-a in the requel (remake + sequel).

“Ako talaga, ni-request ko yon.

She reasoned out, “Pag reyna, sino pang pwede naming i-cast na believable? Marian lang yun.”

She then disclosed that Dingdong agreed to play Raquim from the very start. “Si Dingdong kasi, pumayag na ng Raquim noon pa, e.

“Pumayag na talaga siya kasi from Ybarro before, e, di ba?

“Siya mismo nagsabi na gusto niya maging Raquim.”

However, Suzette revealed that just like in the original version, Marian and Dingdong’s characters won’t stay for the whole duration of the series.


In the original Encantadia, it was Dawn Zulueta who played Ynang Reyna while Richard Gomez portrayed Raquim.

Ynang Reyna is searching for the heiress of her crown since she learned that she will soon die. The mother of the four Sang’gres then tested her daughters to determine who among them is deserving to be the next queen.

On the other hand, Raquim is the father of Amihan who is a warrior in the kingdom of Encantadia. However, he decided to live with his daughter in the mortal world.

When he and Amihan decided to go to Encantadia, he was killed after a battle with the Hathors.

Dingdong was part of the original 2005 series when he played the role of Ybarro. In 2016, the role will be reprised by Ruru Madrid.

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NEW CHARACTER. Suzette admitted that is nerve-wracking for her to work out all of the details of this telefantasya.


“Masakit siya sa ulo kasi para akong tailor na nagtatahi, at the same time tinitignan ko yung butas, yung kamalian sa first, tapos dito inaayos.

“At the same time, buo siya, maglalagay ako ng isang kwento na itatahi ko sa existing na.

“So medyo masakit siya ulo. In fact, yung scripting nito, matagal, e.”

She also told PEP about a major change in this requel.

She revealed, “May isang major character na hindi namin nire-reveal na may malaking part sa Encantadia 2016 na hindi siya part noong unang saga.

“Kapag ipinasok siya, ang laki ng mababago sa palabas na ito.

“So kung Encantadiks ka na nanood ka ng 2005, ito yung kwento niya.

“Pero kung isa kang bagong Encantadiks na manonood ng 2016, ito yung mapapanood mong version na iba rin.

“Nandoon yung familiarity ng kwento noong una, pero marami pa rin siyang bago.”

According to Suzette, though she is not yet allowed to divulge the airing month, Encantadia will surely be seen on GMA-7 during the third quarter of 2016.






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